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im looking for a nissan skyline reasonably priced. must run and be US street legal. minor repairs ok no major repairs needed. would prefer that car can be driven home. i dont like to trailer cars. color and performance modfications not necessary would like to have a stock skyline. only requirement is that it is a manual transmition (5 or 6 speed) let me know what you got and how to cantact you.

posted by  crookedlegs_19

Know what I think, you're retarded enough to be looking for a Nissan SKYLINE that is REASONABLY priced. Just pull 126,000 out of your ass and you can find someone that will sell you one :thumbs:

posted by  99integra

Try ebaymotors and search nissan-all other types. You should find plenty. :thumbs:

posted by  ciVicman

i already looked on ebay and none of them are street legal in the US

posted by  crookedlegs_19

You better have a deep pocket.
You guys read about that new Skyline Z-Tune that Nismo is doing? They picked up slightly used Skylines in Japan and then souped them up. Does like 0-60 in like 3.5 or something. I dont really remember, so dont call me on that.

posted by  StiMan

if you got cash you can make it street legal..i dont know for sure but wouldnt changing the right side steering to left side steering make it legal? I dont know thats just what i think.

posted by  ciVicman

No, its more complicated then that. Actually i dont think you even have to change it to LHD, you just gotta change parts (like the glass, etc) to bring it to our saftey standards, it may be different depending on the state your doing it. I'm not too sure what all has to be done really.

posted by  car_crazy89

Hi crookedlegs_19,

We have the car that your looking for.

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posted by  Ibcjapan

Please, no ads on CF.

posted by  StiMan

Well I suppose he did do it with intent to help the guy seem as though he was asking for it...

It's kinda unfortunate that the Skyline didn't make it to the USA. They could have had a lot of potential over there with the Import enthusiasts. I don't know about import regulations over there but I bet it'll be quite a hassle to import a Skyline.

How about moving to Australia or England and buy one there?? It'll be a hell of a lot easier!!

posted by  fudge

have fun trying to find a nissan skyline farr the us that is street lagal

ps pesi so totally kick$ A$$

posted by  google.com

you will never get a skyline. maybe in your dreams or if you had alot of cash. but if you dont, then dont even think about it. if you do get one, show us a pix and prove us wrong.

posted by  silvia_star

yeah im with silvia star

posted by  google.com

Skylines really arent worth the hastle of importing them and making them street legal. Theres better cars in the US now that you could buy for cheaper.

And about the Z-Tune, go here (http://sportcompactcarweb.com/features/0505_scc_skyline/) to read about it

posted by  Oomba

Id have to agree with oomba. These cars really arent all that damn fast. low 13 second quater mile is not good enough for 85 some odd thousand dollars. An ls1 T/a can do that stock for under 20000. The Skyline weighs in at a tad over 4000 thousand pounds. Go to your local newstand and buy the new automobile.( I think its atoumobil)Its got a ton of twelve cylinder cars on the cover and it says something like best cars in the world. Well in there it also has worst cars in the world and in that section it has the Skyline and they just tear into the car. All these uneducated people think its just the fastest freakin car in the world but its not. Theres this mystique about this car because it was never bought to america (by nissan) and people dont know anythign about it. Do some research i promise you will be disapointed. Now the Z-tune is awesome. A skyline would be awesome street cred but if thats why your buying it your as bad as those people who buy a serious performance car just because it looks good. If you want an american Skyline buy the neqw G35 coupe because in japan it is badged as a skyline. :fu:

posted by  boggledbetween

i so thought about getting a skyline from here...i would but they are in japan and if you have the money then have it shipped but these are really priced good. And they are in good condition. www.japan-partner.com/auction/Nissan/SKYLINE/cars-for-sale.html

posted by  rsxdude

Actually i was searching for a 300zx and i found a website that sells legalized skylines in the U.S now i can't remember the name of the site off the top of my head but the prices were for a r32-r33 something like 40,000-72,000USD and for an R34 up towards about 100,000USD which isn't that bad but you can certainely make anyother car just as fast but nowhere near as desiaralbe as the nissan skyline :smoke:

posted by  mx3_monster

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