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I have a 95 eagle talon, I dunno if this is in the right forum but I need help.
Last night I was sittin in my car waiting for a friend when he met up with me I turned my car on and my left directional was stuck on. I tried unhooking my battery taking fuses out but nothing worked. its stuck on. I have no idea what to do can annnnnnnyone help me out?

posted by  ShanePerkins

It's not actually considered a asian but try to just push it in and hit it up a little at the same time, use common sense and not hit to hard :wink2:

posted by  99integra

Well I just figured since the ECLIPSE and the TALON are the same exact car it would be ok. the thing is I never hit the directional in the first place I was parked and not even in my car. but I'll go try it

posted by  ShanePerkins

[well jus turn on ure hazard knock em off an it should turn off :hi:

posted by  supras tt

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