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well i was juss thinkin about if i had the chance of buying a scion tc. so i need some feed back of anyone who owns or has driven a tc to tell me how the ride quality is. such as cabin quietness. smooth ride and etc.. thx in advance.

posted by  Robbie07

When they first came out I test drove an all stock one. Here is what I think.
The ride quality is of a RSX or an Integra so it has stiffer suspension
The cabin was as quiet as ever but there are a couple blind spots.
The ride was smooth if you didn't go over lots of bumps, but it was kinda smooth over bumps in a way.
The engine is perfect, along with the transmission, no jerky downshifts and nice upshifts.
I would get one if I could but I'm tied down with a couple other cars :thumbs:

posted by  99integra

A friend of mine has a blue one. It has a nice interior, like the moonroof. He tells me it has the camry engine in it. There seem to be some turbo kits coming out or already out for it (he likes turbo more than s/c). I have yet to take a ride in it.

Imo, for the money, i can think of more desirable used cars that i would get instead of the scion.

posted by  importluva

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