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what does it mean by 6 puck sprung hub disc sport pressure plate? is it better? how is it better? why is there different ones like the 4 puck ones.

posted by  silvia_star

don't bother with clutches like that, get a custom one made.. there's a bloke in queensland that make's custom clutches.. if anyone wants his number give me a yell!

posted by  HyundaGuy

Not everyone is across the sea, more than half the people here are frome USA

posted by  99integra

not all clutches like that are bull, hyundai guy. damn, u really have the ability to give out incorrect info qutie frequently..........

the whole 3 puck, 4 puck, 6 puck, full face, etc. ordeal is just how many......... "legs" (for lack of a better word) the pressure plate of the clutch has. go look at a pic of a pressure plate anywhere u want, and just count the legs it has. those are the "pucks" (or "legs" as i called them). if its completely round, then its a full face one.

im not sure how much the quantity of pucks and such affects performance, but they are supposed to pretty much "stick" to the flywheel as fast as possible (by creating a high amount of friction, which helps them lock together and not cause any slip), so the more area there is, the better (this would be using logic to understand it.)

if im mistaken on that explanation, im sure chrisv will correct it.

posted by  Inygknok

i only suggested that bloke because he does export, i've known quite a few lads in america who have delt with him before and never been disapointed with his work.

posted by  HyundaGuy

less pucks=less driveability.....the pucks are on the clutch disk or are the clutch should i a 6puck is pretty stiff its like a street strip clutch....4 puck mostly a race clutch pretty harsh engagement....3 puck is like a full race i think they are like instant engagement really stiff something you would never use on the street but there are full face clutches that are made for race only and stuff like that and they are twin plate clutches and triple plate clutches so it doesnt always depend on the pucks......and as for sprung and unsprung hubs ...sprung requires break in...unsprung you can put it in and beat the hell out of it ......on pressure plates they are called fingers and it doesnt matter how many there are and some pressure plates have weights and some dont ...depends on app.

posted by  black_plague

and if some of what i said isnt right feel free to correct it

posted by  black_plague

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