85 Honda Accord LXi Coolant system???

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My 85 Accord is loosing all of its coolant almost instantly. There is a part on the top of the motor it is kind of shaped like an S. That is where the coolant is pouring out upon starting the engine. I can't drive it to the mechanic as the water comes out immediatly. I am a single Mom and need to know if by my sketchie discription someone could tell me what this part is. It has a hose connected on each end(small hoses) and it is rusted out. That is why it is pouring out. I can borrow a camera and take a pic of the part later this evening if that would help. I'm sure it would. I guess I just need to remove it and take it to the parts place, but I kind of wanted to check prices first. Thanks so much, Amanda (Florida)

posted by  mfrias1

I don't know but I'll tell you that you'll probably get more replies if put this in the repairs/maintenance section of the forum.

posted by  Accord_Man

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