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once again, i have an 89 civic hatchback.. i have recently got headers for my car but they didnt have the o2 sensor in the "stock place".. instead of being by the top of the engine.. it is right before the cat.. what can i do to make the o2 sensor reach down there, would cutting the wire and adding length mess it up?

posted by  C c C


posted by  C c C

i highly doubt adding length will mess it up, as long as u do it right atleast........ give it a shot. i tried it in my car (for a different reason, cable got broken thanks to my cousin) and it worked just fine.

posted by  Inygknok

which do you think would be more safe?
cutting the "02 sensor" wire and adding length.. or the the plug wires it plugs in to?

posted by  C c C

nice sig
but u would have more safty cutting the o2 sencor wire

posted by  google.com

so just to be sure... cut the single blue wire?

posted by  C c C

google is that a toy skyline in or sig or maybe a Xmod? :laughing:

posted by  airmanUSN

cut whatever wires that go to the 02 and add however much length you need. then solder,clamp ,or if you want put electrical tape on them.just make sure you got the right colors going back together

posted by  black_plague

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