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I recently disconnected the battery to install an amp and in doing so I also removed the air intake tubing (goes from air filter to throttle body) that has that box attached to it.

Now, after replacing everything, the car will start and idle very weakly and immediately die. As it is shutting down the SRS, battery and "check engine" lights stay on for a while then disappear.

My main problem is keeping the car from shutting down on my at low speeds (at a stop light or when braking for a light, etc). I read a previous thread about the IAC sensor/system (Idle Air Control) losing data when the battery is disconnected. But I have driven the car for approx. 20 miles and as soon as I turn the engine off and turn it on again, it will shut down fairly quickly.

Please help!

posted by  sackz23

is there an engine light on?

what you disconnected was probably the mass air flow sensor and if everything worked good before you messed around with that i would start there. check your connections, take it apart and make sure there's nothing stuck in it.

posted by  carls47807

Thanks for the quick reply!

The check engine light does not stay on while driving - only when the car is about to shut down.

But yeah, good advice - I will look at the MAF and make sure there are no obstructions.

I'll be sure to post progress tomorrow evening.

posted by  sackz23

The carburetor was dirty!

I took my car to my friend down in Mx and he took the air intake off and cleaned the carburetor. It runs like it should now!

Much thanks to carls47807 for at least attempting a solution :clap:

posted by  sackz23

Wait a minute...Is it just me? You have a Carburetor on a 2001? What am I missing?

posted by  Masuk

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