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my frineds hinda crx is burninoil does anyone no how u would fix that? and if it would cost a lot?

posted by  j3ff

I have the same problem with my dads saab. His number 1 cylinder was leaking.
Your friend could have a few problems. He could have a leaking cylinder, a bad piston ring, he could have blown a gasket, he might have a bad valve-seal, or a few more. those are just the first to my head

posted by  TurboLag

cross your fingers and hope that its just the old gaskets thats causing the problem.
my 240 used to burn oil, but after changing the valve cover gasket and the gromet, its gone now. If u plan on changing the gaskets by yourself, remember to buy gaskets that come with the gromet, cuz the old gromet prolly cant prevent engine oil from getting into the spark plugs...so yea, that would be the first place that i would take a look at.
a new valve cover gasket with a new gromet doesnt cost alot. and its not that hard to replace them by yourself.

posted by  nissanTFsx

yeah, our valve-seal was bad. We had to rip the head off and get it milled and stuff. While it's off we're replacing old parts and getting the engine rebuilt when we're done so it will be good for another 200,000+ miles (thank god for swedish engineering). We're giving it stainless steel valves and valve springs, etc. And we're port and polishing the intake manifold and intake ports. We want to run direct port nitrous. Teehee.

posted by  TurboLag

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