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Have a 90 Nissan Stanza with the KA24E engine that is making a ticking sound from one or more rockers. I've been told this engine has the hydraulic lifters in the rocker arms (is this so, and is it in the cam or valve side). Is there a good way to determine which lifter is bad and how?
Can the hydraulic lifters be removed from the rockers or does the whole unit have to be replaced? I've read that the hydraulic lifters can get clogged and act up. If so, can they be cleaned out and how? Any help is greatly appreciated!

posted by  Macc

my first car way a chevy with the 2.2l. i think it also had hydro lifter and onc ethe mileage started to get high if i used cheap oil or a light weight it ticked. try valvoline max life and go up one weight. couldn't hurt and if it works that a pretty easy and cheap fix. if not have a mechanic inspect the topend

posted by  airmanUSN

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