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I know you guys are gonna think that dual exhaust on a 4 cyl 98 accord is stupid, but I came across this ride on Cardomain that is the same car that I have except it is 2-door and mine is 4-door. I thought it would be nice to have a dual exhaust because my rear bumper has two slots in it. Tell me what you think the exhaust on this website would be like. How much horsepower and torque would the entire system from DC 4-2-1 header all the way to the back. And please don't think just because it has a body kit that I'm ricing it out, I just wanted it to look good. Don't worry, I have much more performance plans in store for it. Thanks everybody.


EDIT: I was wondering if you guys would prefer 2.25 in. piping or 2.5, I was leaning towards 2.5 since I will be putting a lot more performance upgrades on the car. I will of course upgrade the diameter once I get a turbo kit from turbonetics. Thanks again.

posted by  Accord_Man


posted by  Accord_Man

what have you done to the motor. . .cuz if its still like stock. . there is no point even going to a 2.5 tubeing. . .you also have to think if you put too big of a exaust you will lose some tork in the long run. . you need some back pressure. . .

i say you should go with a Y pipe.. those work best but you dont need to go to big on the tubing. .

posted by  96-GSX-RHD

Drop a new non inline 4 engine in and make the dual exhaust functional. Dont just put it on there because you want to.

posted by  Oomba

I would suggest you read this book, it is very interesting :thumbs:

posted by  99integra

Whats wrong with tork? :mrgreen:

posted by  Oomba

well at least his grammar's not as bad as some of the other people on this forum......

posted by  jedimario

Equal length tuned primaries into a single should give you very satisfactory perfromance. You can always weld a dummy pipe on if you want the twin tail pipe look.

If you tune the primaries your sizing of the main pipe is fairly irrelevent, except for how much growl you can endure. Your car will never be a stump puller so maintaining some positive pressure at the exhaust port/bowl to limit blow through isn't much of a concern, although the standard port size should create some pressure drop anyway.

posted by  Wally

if i was goin' twin's on an accord, i'd go with a single manifold into twin 1.75" pipes through to twin 3" muffler boxes and then twin 2.5" tips.

if i was you i'd try to get a 3.5 - 4" cat back and if possible, get Mandrel Bent piping.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Holy shit, you're retarded. I would lose power on my pickup with exhaust that size. Unless it's a turbo, you have no business running anything over 2.25 on a 4cyl Accord.

If you really want the dual exhaust tips poking out the back... then just get from about the rear axle back redone into duals. I do agree that it looks better poking out from the rear valance.

posted by  Bino

Yeah it looks a lot better. I already know how i'm doing it, dc header, high flow cat, piping, borla racing muffler, y-pipe, dual piping to the back with 4 in. tips. I just wanted to know if 2.25 or 2.5 would be better. Also, I will be getting a turbo kit from turbonetics in probably a very long time and I was wondering if I should up the diameter of my piping when I get a turbo kit.

posted by  Accord_Man

Yeah, but I couldn't live with myself because thats sort of a ricey thing to do. :laughing:
If I do it, I'm gonna do it right and get some power out of it, I want the look of two pipes out my rear bumper but I also want as much power out of it as possible. By the way, do you guys think that a resonator would be neccessary between the cat and muffler. The only reason I would want it would be to get a deeper sound, would it do that for me? I hate the high pitched 4 cyl ricey sound.

posted by  Accord_Man

Even though it is sohc, it is also vtec and I want to do as much to it as I can.
Besides, I don't have enough money for an engine swap.

P.S. sorry for the three posts in a row, and thanks everybody for the responses.

posted by  Accord_Man

Yeah, I would do it. And go with the 2.5.

posted by  FordFromHell351

actually, that's the exhaust size i was quoted on a 1994 hyundai excel, sohc 1497cc 4cly with an efi(eci multi point), so i'm guessin' that it give's the highest compression possible, so really.. either you're thinking that i'm giving figure's that are made for a turbo exhaust.. obviously you've seen things the wrong way, either that or you've gone nuts and just basically think that the smaller the exhaust, the smaller the compression..

in actual fact, it's the smaller the exhaust the higher the compression, the larger the exhaust, the lower the compression, which is why a forced induction car has a larger exhaust... make's a lower compression, thus giving you the chance to run higher boost.

posted by  HyundaGuy

How much power and torque increase do you guys think I'll expect from this setup.

posted by  Accord_Man

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