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Question for anyone that can help,

I have a 93 Accord EX that's overheating. the temp gauge runs to high when I stop in traffic or at a light, and if I put the car in Neutral and press that gas pedal, it comes back down. I've Replace the radiator cap, the thermostate and the coolant temp sensor. The top radiator hose is extremely hot. I don't see fluid leaking, but while driving the car I can definetely smell the coolant.....can anyone offer any ideas?

posted by  drash69

You only needed to post this once :wink2: And intro yourself btw

posted by  99integra

i had the same problem in my 95 grand-am. every time you stop the temp gauge goes up. i had the thermostat changed twice, coolent flushed, new water pump among other things. it still never fixed the problem and i just learned to deal with it. lucky for me it stoped when i got a new radiator.

good luck


posted by  chris1017

That same thing happens in my 90 LX Accord...it's nothing to worry about, been happening to mine for tens of thousands of miles, no problems.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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