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1995 honda civic DX hatchback....
it's a 4 cyl automatic (thinkin bout convertin to manual 5 spd)
im lookin for some more power out of the stock car...

items i'm considering...which should i get

-engine....looking for some more hp...this is the main thing im looking for, 108 horses is too slow
-exhaust? (not too loud...)
-hi flow cat?
-cold air intake?
-lightweight radiator?

how much would each of these items add to my hp??

thanks guys.......

posted by  Boondock Saint

links please

posted by  Boondock Saint


posted by  carls47807

anyone else???

posted by  Boondock Saint

You need to learn to be patient.

And get a new car.

posted by  Oomba

its only got 30k miles on it....great shape...i dont see what's wrong with it....thanks for the tips tho guys

posted by  Boondock Saint

I'm not saying its old, im saying its bad.

posted by  Oomba

plenty of stuff for you car here:

posted by  Zalight

First thing you need to save up for....

Turbo route - B18b2
N/A route - B16a1

posted by  thunderbird1100

got any links?

posted by  Boondock Saint

im mainly lookin for a new motor atm

posted by  Boondock Saint

How about contacting your local speed shop? I'm sure they can sort you out.

posted by  fudge

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