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Hey guys I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for upgrades to a 2005 Lancer Ralliart AT. I may be getting one in the near future and wanted to know if I could make it faster, ha thanks guys

posted by  Lancerguy

A Lancer Ralliart huh? Not much you can really do for that car, i doubt there is a large market or aftermarket parts for it. But if you can find parts for it; lighter cam-shafts (faster acceleration and saves gas), ECU modification (good luck finding a ECU for this car), Turbo (only if you really need power, probaly a little pricy as well, but around 30-40% of horsepower increase, but also means gas consumption rises considerably as well), exhaust system (should be able to get your hands on this easily, not much of a power booster though; 5-12hp; if you get the whole system, including downpipe, cat, etc). Not sure what else you can do without touching the engine internals. Well, hope i was helpful

posted by  aerith

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