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Hi there, can anyone please tell me whats the max size wheels i can get for my corolla? Thanx

posted by  AhmedT

It would probably be 18 or 19, but why would you waste your money on a Corolla? :screwy:

posted by  99integra

22 inch bro. :laughing: Seriously, maybe 18 or 19 but which corolla are you talking about?

posted by  GreekWarrior

I have got a 95 corolla csi sedan. I like it :) its simple and reliable..but the stock wheels are too small only 13s.. its 165/75R13 at specs. now i wanna upgrade the wheels to alloy and bigger...i was thinking 16..some ppl are saying 17" would even rub? wouldn't 18 / 19 be too big.. the bigger the better ofcourse but i dont wanna damage the car for it

posted by  AhmedT

If you really wanted to you could get 17's but I'd stick with 16's if you want to keep it "simple and reliable". :thumbs:

posted by  GreekWarrior

g'day, if you live in aus i think that there is a maximum of 2" to increase on mag size, kind of sucks, all you've gotta do to get past that is buy the bigger mag/wheel and then go to a qualified engineer and get a certificate sayin' it's all good.

and if it were me, instead of askin' on a forum, i'd be goin' down to my closest mag/wheel shop and askin' the pro's, just a logical idea to me :)

posted by  HyundaGuy

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