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i have a honda crx and sometimes the exhaust rattles, it is normaly in traffic in a stop and go thing and i dont know what it is cause it only happens sometimes, i figured that it could b the the heat shield if so how do i fix it cause it is really annoying, it happens at the worst times.

posted by  Xenom

i have seen alot of civics and crxs with the same problem...it seems like a common thing, but to be honest, i donno what is up with their cars.

posted by  nissanTFsx

Probably just your muffler.

posted by  FordFromHell351

are you saying the exhaust in general or the actual box if the muffler, cause i know it shouldnt b that cause it was replaced recentaly before i got the car, but for all i know i guess it could b. i was planing on putting 2 1/4 inch pipeing on it anyways with no cat and a can (i know its rice but im going to put a silencer in it) i guess ill just deal with the sound till then :thumbs:

posted by  Xenom

Why bother with that if you're going to put a silencer on it? Just get a regular exhaust like anyone else

posted by  Oomba

what year and model is your CRX?

posted by  Zalight

why not just completely replace ur exhaust from the headers? for my excel it's something like $250 including the cat back, from the headers, i'm just savin' up for my extractors and then i'll be gettin' the lot...

oh and the exhaust is a lukey aswel, so it's kind-ov a good brand.

posted by  HyundaGuy

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