any mazda mx3's?

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SOi was just wondering if any of you guy's out there own an mx3? and is thet any mmod's done to them ?

posted by  mx3_monster

mx3.. i think they're a eunos here in australia.. ahh.. let's see.. next door neighbours gf has one.. it's got a full lukey 2" from the lukey headers, she's got high compression piston's along with a bored and stroked the engine(30 thou), some company made some custom short throw kit for it to shorten the time taken to change gears.. and she's got a custom clutch made by some bloke in qld.. his name is jim berry.. did a great job..

apart from that she's got 245/40R-18 front and rear, yoko's, not sure on the brand.. kyb adjustable shocks, with adjustable cam plate for the front only with kyb super low coil overs.. 2.5" lower front and rear.. the rest is just sound system, never payed attention to that crap.

nice car to drive, gearbox is a bit screwed these day's though, few to many quick shifts :smoke: ... she shouldn't of let me drive it!

posted by  HyundaGuy

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