alright, having trouble on deciding which car i should get

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im thinking of buying a car that would do well in drag racing and racing through mountainous roads, and my dad wants to do a whole father son thing, like either buy and older car and fix it up and mod it, or get one that doesnt need fixing up but just modifications.
im thinking of it really hard but having trouble here.
as long as its rwd im getting it, cus fwd kinda sucks
anything would help

posted by  machspeed

older car.. rwd.. drag racing.. mountainous.. father son.. first car that pops into my head is a 1983 Mazda RX-7 Series II Savanna (SA22C).. they're a cheap, easy to find, fun to play with, great to learn how to thrash in and just an all around perfect car for fixing up!!

that's my only suggestion really.

posted by  HyundaGuy

ok thanks
any other suggestions?
umm. maybe something that is not rotary, cus here in the philippines, there are not many mechanics that specialize on rotary
so.... cant deal with anything that runs on rotary unless i can find someone who knows about these engines, but for now... anything else?
im in the philippines so theres a lot of japanese cars running around, even some skylines and supras, they can be easily purchased but its hard to find were u can getem at

posted by  machspeed

What's your wallet size dude?

posted by  GreekWarrior

oh, also maybe an older nissan silvia (s13), with either a ca18de or ca18det... both a fairly good car with a fairly decent power to weight ratio, they're quite cheap here in australia so i'm guessin' that they're like dirt in the phils.

posted by  HyundaGuy

What about a Hachi? (AE86) or s13, s14, s15, any rwd skyline.

How about an AWD? wrx, evo, GT-R.

posted by  GreekWarrior

doesn't have to be a common car.. doesn't always have to be a common drift beast.. let the lad get something like an RA60 celica and drop a 3S-GTE from an SW20 in it and watch her fly! :D.. he could always go out and get a KE70 corolla and then drop a CA18DET in that.. it'd work.. i promise..

but.. for a common car.. a good drag racing and hill climbing car.. umm.. Toyota MR2 GT-S.. or even an older AW11 MR2 with a 4A-GZE engine.. cast iron block though, so it's slightly heavier in the engine bay, still a great car though!

posted by  HyundaGuy

well a toyota corolla sounds nice
and a sprinter aswell
i saw what it think is a 80-82 4 door corolla
its only the body though, but the body has been "refurbished" all it needs is doors, everything that goes under the hood of a car, interior, all the parts needed to complete the chasis, basically its just a shell
and im gonna look around more
but i like 4 doors, any suggestions?
but 2 doors are good
cus i want my first car to be special, ive been borrowing my dads car too long
i like the hachi roku, it looks kick*** with a body kit, but im still thinking, cus its good to have 4 doors here so more people can ride, it would be like a good getaway car,
u know what i mean?
thanks you guys for the suggestions

posted by  machspeed

I was going to suggest a Toyota Corolla, but one a little older, maybe a 1970s model. Take out that little 4cyl and then swap in a 327, 302 or 350 V8. Maybe even a 289. Also, ever thought of an older Mustang or Dodge Dart? How about a Ford Falcon, or Ford Maverick?

posted by  FordFromHell351

so far this is what im deciding on
toyopet sa model (mainly because it has suicide doors, which are cool) but it will be hard to find(i think)
datsun 510
70's-87 corolla
toyota sprinter(trueno)
and if i get any of these i plan to swap the engine with the biggest 4 cyl. toyota dohc engine, i wont really go with a v8
im still thinking of more

posted by  machspeed


posted by  GreekWarrior

STi :mrgreen:

that thing is great handling, awd, and fast as hell, lots of mods for it, but not cheap

posted by  Stem

I don't think the phillipines have a lot of those around

posted by  99integra

only reason i suggested the car's i did was mainly because of the simple fact that a lot of my friend's went nuts with there KE70 corolla's and one of my mate's chucked a 1UZFE in his KE25 corolla, i think he actually put a cut ford 9" diff, welded that, then dropped a C4 box with a stage 2 B&M shift kit on it, it was fast as hell...

i believe he's now runnin' a twin turbo'd 1UZFE powered JZZ30 (1993 toyota soarer).. the twin turbo kit was a beautiful production by HKS Kansai Service, that'd wanna go hard as hell too....

for a really cheapy car that's a RWD then basically.. a Datsun 120Y is the way to go, chuck a 13BT in it and work it to about 320 - 350rwhp, wouldn't be to hard considering the short drivetrain, it'd take a lot less work to get that to do wheel stand's then it would something like an FC3S or SA22C.

Datsun 180B's and 200B's arn't bad either, a 200B is a great car to learn how to drive in, plus.. you can DUB them and then chuck quite large wheel's on them without having to worrie about rub, i believe that the biggest wheel size without rub on a 200B is something like 245/40R17, which is quite large for an old Datsun, lol!

anyway, to finish this comment, i'd say.. if you're goin' with a Datsun, rotary is the way to go, if you're goin' with a KE70... CA18DET is the way to go... and if you're goin' with something EXPENSIVE.. then shyt.. a FC3S is the way to go!

posted by  HyundaGuy

If you're looking for a RWD fixer-upper dont look for an asian car. American Muscle all the way. Go for Charger/Challenger, GTO, 2nd Gen Trans-Am/Camaro, Mustang. Classics.

posted by  Oomba

i do believe he wrote somethin like

just before?

posted by  HyundaGuy

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