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0 - 60ft = 3.44
R/T(0.500) = 0.622
E/T = 17.54
Speed(KM/H) = 126.57km/h
Vehicle = 1994 Hyundai Excel Sprint

that's my best run, i can't find the slip sheet for it, i remember the time's though cause i was like :smoke: yeah i'm a god.. then someone ran a 12.4 and i nearly cryed.

stock standard G15E, SOHC 1497cc EFI(ECI MULTI), i'm not exactly sure on the power in the vehicle.

stock standard 4 speed manual from a 1993 Hyundai Excel, i blew the orig. one.. tore all the teeth from 1st - 3rd

standard clutch, as far as i know it's a single plate clutch, i did have a Cusco twin plate clutch but blew that along with my trans.


as far as i know it's a 2way LSD.. suprising, i know!

when i dyno'd it i got 82fwhp @ 5200RPM with 13lb/ft torque , my dad dyno'd it and ripped it up with 97fwhp @ 5300RPM with 17lb/ft torque.

i had it pushing 176km/h once, while back, i was impressed.. quite a long strip also, not sure on the size... with a car load (5 people) it was doin' 165km/h quite comfortibally... although.. the windscreen did make a weird screetching sound from about 130km/h and up.

4G63T (Evolution 3)
3" Dump pipe
3" Exhaust (Mandrel Bent) FROM TURBO
K&N CAI (Cold Air Intake)
Blitz Universal FMIC
42mm Wastegate
Evolution 3 Gearbox
Jim Berry Custom Clutch (X2)
Evolution 3 Brake Rotors
R32 GT-R Front Brake Pads
R33 GT-R Rear Brake Pads
Front/Rear Strut Bars
Strengthen Chassis
KYB Ultra Low Coil-Overs (All round)
KYB Adjustable Shocks
KYB Camber Plate (All round)
Apexi Boost Controller/Turbo Timer
Mines ECU
HKS Forged Package (Pistons, Conrods, Cam Shafts, Crank Shaft)
HKS Adjustable Cam Gears

that's all that come's to mind for now really... not much misc chit needed.. or I.C.E... i'm not a 'sound systems' type of guy!!.... call me :screwy: but i hate the idea of twin 2000000" subs draining my battery... and for the interior.. my dad and i have done leather craft since i was a young buck and i'm quite used to recovering seats and steering wheels and so forth.. so yeah.. i'll be doin' my own interior..


posted by  HyundaGuy

You've got some serious plans for your little car, but its not my style.

posted by  importluva

well, it's either i go nut's with my excel or i just save up a little more and go buy an SA22C (1983 RX-7 Series II Savanna) and play around with that for a little while.. like 8 - 10 years.. anyway.. let's all hear you best times and stuff about your best car's, i'd love to know what yall have done!

posted by  HyundaGuy

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