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I'm new to these forums and just started getting into cars. I don't know too much about cars yet. Anyways, I'm looking to buy my first car (I'm 17), and I have a 4K budget to spend. I've had my eyes on this 3000 GT SL lately. First, just take a look at the car.

Although the car has the VR-4 sticker and the VR-4 spoiler, it is an SL (manual). He has all the paperwork. He put a new clutch in 5 months ago, the engine was replaced 40,000 miles ago, and all the other stuff in the ad he proved. I got a mechanic to check it out yesterday and he gave it the ok. He just said that there were some minor problems that a tune-up would probably fix.

I'm pretty sold on this car, but my mechanic also said that Mitsus can be trouble sometimes, so I should be careful. Does this seem like a good buy for 4K? Just any comments and feedback in general would be great. I'm not too familiar with cars yet.

Thanks a lot.


posted by  Canadianpimp

WOW that is a steal yeah go for it it is a clean ass car and yes i have heard that mitsu's have a little problems but nothing too serious if you catch it ear;y enough :thumbs: :thumbs: :smoke:

posted by  mx3_monster

I would take it....then turn around and sell it for something thats NOT a Mitsubishi :laughing: They can be trouble sometimes...most of the time actually. But that is a good price. Go for it :thumbs:

posted by  FordFromHell351

Very good price! But not my favorite car. They weigh a hell of a lot.

What do you plan on using the car for? Autocross? Daily drive? Blinged out? Straight line drag?

posted by  Zalight

GTs are heavy cars, but they are a blast to drive IMO ... and there are quite a bit aftermarket parts to beef it up..

posted by  Metzger

have fun buying the car but think of the stuff you do to your car

posted by  google.com

I dunno, I wouldnt settle for less. I'd go to an auction or look for an r-title vr4. The only bad thing about the engine IMO is that it's belt driven. I prefer chain driven motors, they don't snap and they dont need replaced as much. Plus with belts they can stretch and such. Personally I wouldn't get it. But on a 4k budget i would go for a civic, integra, old 240sx, or something along those lines.

posted by  TurboLag

What like those aren't belt driven? Most cars are belt driven and they all work fine, Im sorry I just don't understand your logic.

posted by  Zalight

the 3000 GT is a very shady platform. i do not have much experience with the SL models (the same 3.0 but a different motor all together, i believe) but as far as the base models are concerned, they're trash. a caravan dressed up in a sports car package isn't exactly a blessing in disguise.

for $4000, considering your age and the gas prices, i would suggest that you look into purchasing a 4 cylinder. i mean, if you have $4000, you could probably buy an old DSM (if you want straight line power) or a CRX (if you want some handling too) that you could probably mod. they're both very popular cars and parts are readily available for both cars too.

plus, the 3000GT's back seats are cramped, the interior looks pretty cheap, and the car in essence is an American car (Dodge Stealth, anyone?). i mean, yeah, it's clean and got a bunch of goodies to hook you in but as far as a swapped engine is concerned, you'll have to expect that there will be reliability issues in the future.

regardless, i must say nay-no my brotha'. the 3000GT, IMO, is not exactly the best 1st car purchase. I would suggest that you consider your necessities above all.

again, remember, gas is expensive now. the last thing you'd probably want is to drop $60-$80 a week on gas alone.

posted by  humptrax

Thanks for the replies. Keep em coming!

I was thinking that I would put a carbon fiber hood and a body kit to lessen the weight a little. Also, a friend suggested that gunmetal rims would go well with a carbon fiber hood. I know the 3000 GT back seats are cramped, but I'm not too concerned. I was ready to buy an MR2 a while ago (had 225K miles on it though).

Just for the record, I'm trying to stay away from Civics and Integras (my two best friends have a new Civic and a GS-R.)

posted by  Canadianpimp

Hahaha, you said you were going to get a bodykit to LIGHTEN the weight :orglaugh:

posted by  99integra

Serio, with 4k you could get a plethora of different cars, you could get a good condition crx with an engine swap for less then 4k. Do some research on ebay see what cars you can find for less than 4k then choose whatever suits you most.

posted by  Zalight

for 4k budget, go for a nissan 240. :)

posted by  newuser03

what about the transmission? I have friends who've had VR-4s and they tell me the tranny was the weak link, they advised me to stay away from the VR-4. Parts are very expensive for the car, its a tank. On the flipside, i love how they look, the SL is decently fast, the VR-4 had some prety advanced features on it for it's time. You make the call.

In my world, rotary(mazda rx7 or rx8) > boxer (any car from subaru or porsche) > v8 > the rest. There you have my biases.

posted by  importluva

4k.. hmm.. you're 17.. mm... first car.. i'd say a CRX.. good first car to learn how to drive in.. why would you want something so big and heavy.. along with powerful.. as a first car..? that's called suicide..haha.. i think you should just buy something cheapy and not so wonderful with not to much power and then later on work towards something like a 3KGT, although.. in the end it's your own decision on what you get and none of us can make you think other wise..

posted by  HyundaGuy


The guy said that if I gave him 3600 cash, he'd take it. I just don't know if I can lighten the weight somehow. And I need to learn to drive a stick! Haha.

I also saw a 91 Supra (turbo) yesterday that a guy was selling for 3400. It has some body damage though, but it's pretty quick.

posted by  Canadianpimp

why do you want somethin' with sooo much power for your first?, that's insane.... do what my mate todd did, he got an RA60 celica for his first car, engine up puttin' a few engine's in it and now, these day's, he's got a skyline... WHICH he has crashed by the way, got some new shell for it though, havn't seen it in a while.

posted by  HyundaGuy

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