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My car started blowing white smoke :cussing: , then it refused to start some folks (from around the way) claim my head gasket is blown and i need a new one does anyone know how to repair this kinds of issues :thumbs: . Thanks

Manzi :2cents:

posted by  manzi

Yes, your head gasket might be blown. But a good way to tell is to check your oil and see if any anti-freeze has leaked into it :thumbs:

But for my money, Im just going to say that you need a new head gasket, and to do that...well Im hoping you know how to do it! :mrgreen:

posted by  FordFromHell351

i dont know where to start, though i was hoping to get some sort of advice, i want to do the work by myself....


posted by  manzi

Well if you dont know what your doing, I wouldnt suggest doing it yourself. But your going to have to remove the head to get to the head gasket. Once there, peel off the old head gasket, then take a razorbladeand scrape off the old sealer, and gunk around where the head gasket was sitting so youll have some clean metal to bond the new headgasket to. Then put some sealent around the block, and place the new headgasket where the old one was, let it sit for a bit, make sure its on there good and put the head back on.

Drain the oil before you do this.

posted by  FordFromHell351

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