what can i get to make my 1991 Nissan Sentra faster?

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i want to know what i can buy. anything

and how do you install a turbo kit? i want one...

posted by  Sentra

well get a turbo kit book and it should tell you how to install the thing for the faster sentra look online

posted by  google.com

You could get an engine out of a new Sentra SE-R. I put one in my Saturn SL2 from an 04 model.

posted by  FordFromHell351

Well FFH351, I was under the impression you used a new SE-R motor (but I could have just assumed that)?

But, yes, to original poster. If I were in the position to milk some performance out of a '91 Sentra I would track down an SR20DE motor/tranny combo out of a '91-94 (pretty sure on that year spread) Sentra SE-R. These were very potent little sleeper cars and the SR20DE is a very durable and proven motor (you may have heard of the SR20DET motor from the Nissan Silvia, this is a turbocharged variant of the motor found in the SE-R... and is very popular with the 240SX guys and the Datsun 510 guys). You could also track down an SR20DET motor to drop into the Sentra, but I recall reading somewhere that the gearbox wasn't quite up to the torque load from the turbo motor. But these are by no means written law, I just recall reading this in an article at one point in time.

posted by  Bino

There is a front wheels drive version of the jdm sr20det motor/tranny it's referred to as the sr20det bluebird, i think there hard to find though

posted by  airmanUSN

Good call, I remembered another as well.


The Bluebird is a FWD SR20DET application, as is the Pulsar GTiR (size of Civic Hatchback but 2.0L Turbocharged and AWD).

I don't have any idea about transaxle interchagability between all of these applications.

posted by  Bino

GTiR's are tough, from what i recall they were really the only competition towards the Lancer Evolution and WRX STi back when they were released in 1991, i think they came stock standard with the most powerful SR20DET until the S15 Silvia. somethin' like 240hp stock... very good car.. so light.. so quick.. so fun..

posted by  HyundaGuy

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