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this question is mainly directed towards ChrisV because he has probably got the most racing experience out of everybody on this forum, anyway, here's my questions!:

When left foot braking, are your revs meant to drop down out of the torque band or are they meant to stay nutral?... i'm askin' this because when i left foot brake to take corner's quickly my torque band is dropped seriously quickly and i dunno if i pushing it to hard or if i'm doin' it correctly mainly because when i do racing techniques like heel/toe'in and left foot braking, also double clutching, i do it how my father or brother has taught me.. anyway, do you lose or keep the torque band?

ALSO, when you heel/toe, do you put your heel on the accelerator and toe on the brake or do you do it the other way around? (i ask this because i do it the way i first suggested BUT all of my friend's do it the other way because they find it much easier).

thanks for the help mate.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Heel and toe: as far as I'm concerned, heel on the accelerator.

Revs while "left foot braking": don't worry about racing techniques, just think about how a car actually works. if the clutch is fully engaged (ie. pedal is out), the engine revs can be determined by speed and gear.
For example: in 3rd gear at 40km/h, the engine might be doing 2000rpm. Therefore, if you are speeding up going into a straight, and you hit 40 in 3rd, you will be doing 2000rpm. Also, if you are braking into a corner in 3rd, when you get down to 40km/h, the engine will be doing 2000rpm.
There is nothing you can do to increase the revs of the engine without:
a) speeding up
b) pressing the clutch
c) changing gear

As you can see, b) and c) would be pretty hard to do with your left foot on the brake, and why would you be braking if you wanted to do a).

Therefore, if you want to keep your revs up through the corner, make sure you pick the right gear coming into the corner.

posted by  windsonian

my gears winde out like this

1st: 42km/h
2nd: 84km/h
3rd: 133km/h
4th: 176km/h (that's the fastest i've had it)

when i left foot brake i'm usually doin' about 60km/h in 2nd and on about 4200RPM goin' into the corner and i come out doin' about 45km/h on about 3400RPM, kinda annoy's me really, mainly because i keep the same amount of throttle that i do brake pressure, should i be increasing my throttle to insure a stronger nutralsteer turning ability? or should i just brake harder at a faster speed and try to oversteer it more so i can just drop the brake and then understeer at the exit of the corner?

posted by  HyundaGuy

I suppose that's the 4th way to get the revs up ... have the drive wheels spinning.

opening the throttle just means that your brakes will be working harder .... probably don't want to be doing this through the whole corner, but I'm no race driver.

posted by  windsonian

i'm not a race driver either, like i said, it was just something that my brother/father suggested to me to do to corner quicker and smoother, along with havin' it as a more fun way to turn..

i've heard that LFB is actually a rally technique??? anyone willin' to comfirm this?..

anyway, neither of us are rally car drivers, nor are we race car drivers.. anyone who might just happen to be one, please give me a yell and let me know if i'm doin' it correctly?

posted by  HyundaGuy

Ok, why use your left foot on teh brake if you want to speed up or maintain speed? Simp[le, you are only lightly using the brake, so as to cause the brakes to drag. At the same time, you are holding or increasing throttle with your right foot, to overcome the brakes on the driven wheels, while allowing the wheels wihtout power to drag slightly.


To "set" the rear weight transfer and cause the car to tuck into the corner. It's a technique designed to counter the natural understeer in FWD and AWD cars.

if you do it right in a FWD car, the inside rear wheel will often come off the ground and stop rotating in midair for the duration of the corner.

When you do this, yo umodulate the speed through the corner with the gas pedal, and how much oversteer you have with the brake pedal. If you use TOO much brake, all you will do is slow down, as you are overcoming the power of the engine.

Yes, you still want to be in the right gear, as that is still determining how much power you're putting down and how quickly accellerate out of the corner. Left foot braking ONLY is used to adjust the rotation of the car through the corner.

As for heel and toe, the accellerator pedal is usally lower than the brake pedal when looking at it from the driver's seat. Which part of your foot is lower when viewed from the driver's seat? Your heel. Always use the outside of your heel to operate the trottle, and the ball of your foot and your first toes to operate the brake in heel-and-toe maneuvers. of course, with left foot braking, you don't do that, and you ahve to switch back and forth between teh left foot on teh clutch and the left foot on the brake (watch the video of Walter Rohrl rallying in Audi's Secrets Of Speed" sometime, if you can find it. he is dancing between all three pedals with both feet)

posted by  ChrisV

So that's why I usually see the rear wheels of a british touring car looks like they are locked up! I thought it was the driver pulling on the handbrake...

posted by  fudge

thanks ChrisV, you've given me an insight on what i've gotta do when LFB.

i was driving around last night and decided to give it a go and i turned the corner with more throttle then brake and it actually worked quite well, so instead of droppin' my torque band like always, i managed to be able to keep the torque band and hold the car sliding around the corner the whole time that i was accelerating.

actually, that was before i read your post, and now that i have.. i think i might go and give it a go how you've explained it, thanks again.

posted by  HyundaGuy

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