5 speed auto/sport shift for SR20DE??

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I just bought a 96' nissan 240sx SE w/ auto tranny. I dont really like the auto, but I dont want to pay for the fabrication required to put in a clutch pedal. I used to have an 99' acura 3.2 TL w/ 4-speed auto sequetial sport shifting. I really liked the way the shifts were quick w/ no clutch.

soon I am planning to get a JDM SR20DE engine, but I cant seem to find any auto/sequential transmissions for it. will a 5-speed auto/sequential from the 350z mate up to an SR20DE w/ no probs?

...any other nissans I should be looking for at salvage yards that have the 5-speed automatic sequential tranny? I have thuroughly searched google for info, but cant find exactly what Im looking for yet...any help is much appreciated.

posted by  S14_noob

do you desperately want a tip-tronic box?

why not just get a B&M short throw stage shifter?.. i believe it takes somethin' like .32 of a second to change gears with a stage one.. stage two is somethin' like .21 of a second and then stage three.. well.. i'm not sure about.. but it'd probably be like 0.100 seconds to change gear, that's quick as hell, plus you get the chance to use the stick..

my g/f's brother has it in his datsun 1200 ute.

posted by  HyundaGuy

The 350z tranny will not match up with the SR20. One's and inline 4 and the other is a V6. I am not sure if there is any tiptronic nissan's that fit onto the SR20. Even if there is, they are only average. My friend owns a G35 with the Tiptronic, needless to say it sucked... The engine doesnt let you rev it too much. To little control, and the shifts weren't smooth at all. Ive drive a 2004 Tiptronic TL, much better.

posted by  aerith

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