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Well, I finally saved up a bunch more money to start on the suspension side of my 300zx and this is what I ended up getting...

TEIN Flex coilovers - Very sharp coilovers, lots of adjustments. Plan on getting the EDFC for in-car adjustment.

F/R adjustible control arms - Stock 300zx didnt have adjustible ones so I spurred for these to get my camber right for the new Volks and Yokohamas.

Energy tension rods - Stock tension rods had it...

Gold Volk Gram Light 57Pro's 18x9/18x10 - Beautiful wheels...'nuff said.

265/35 & 295/30 Yokohama AVS Sports - EXTREMELY grippy tires. Excellent for handling.

posted by  thunderbird1100

What's your stereo set-up in your 300ZX?

posted by  abless

Is EDFC electronically operated, and if so, whats to prevent it from eventually dying?

I say this because my FC has an in-car electronically adjustable suspension, but to my disappointment, im told it dies after 60-70k miles. My car is at nearly triple that mark so i expect its long dead. Furthermore, im told to replace the dead parts is worth more than the car itself! I haven't experimented with the suspension in the car yet but i suspect you'll have the same problem...unless ofcourse there is something else here.

posted by  importluva

Panasonic CQ-C8300U Head Unit - Being replaced (today actually) with a Panasonic CQ-C9701U.

Front Alpine Type-R 6.5" Components - Cheap good components
Rear Alpine Type-R 5x7 Components - Same as above
1 Alpine MRV-F340 - Drives the components. 55x4 rms.

1 Adire Brahma 12" - What can I say...legendary. 40lbs of pure woofer.
SubZero 12" sealed box - It works.
1 Hifonics BX1000D - Best power/price amps out there. Gives the Brahma 850-900rms day in and day out.

Pictures of each...

CQ-C8300U - =O&storeId=15001&catalogId=13401&itemId=88088&catGroupId=25028&modelNo=CQ-C 8301U&surfModel=CQ-C8301U&cacheProgram=11002&cachePartner=70000000000000057 02 (8301 is basically same thing as 8300)

Alpine components -< br />< br />
Alpine amp -< br />
Adire Brahma -

Hifonics amp -

posted by  thunderbird1100

If it does die...that doesnt mean your suspension will just stop working correctly, it just means you cant electrically adjust it from inside the car anymore.

posted by  thunderbird1100

what brake pads and rotors do you have? along with what type of LSD has it got?.. stuff like that can make the driving experience sooooo much better.

also, internal gear like forged pistons can make a large difference if the correct set of choice is applyed, CA intake(s), new turbos (t28bb from jdm s15 silvia) and so forth.

just fairly cheap, yet affective upgrades.... i'm not all that familiar with the Z32's characteristics, so i really don't know what does what to the car and engine... :banghead:

posted by  HyundaGuy

Nice, Very nice.

So did volk use lube when they raped you with the price or did they just use spit?

posted by  Zalight

I bought the wheels through my normal Z place which is Z1 Motorsports (I live not too far away from them). Retail I think the wheels (alone, not tires) were to be a tad over $2200 and me being a frequent customer and him having the Volks on hand he sold me four (two 18x9 and two 18x10) for $1700. Which wasn't bad at all.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Brakes havent been touched...they're stock. The stock LSD I believe is an open Viscous with a 3.69 ratio. MAny 240SX people swap in the non-turbo 300zx diff because it's a 4.083

posted by  thunderbird1100

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