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Hey guys whats up

Im looking to get my first car which is most likely an 03 eclipse that i plan to do is put a crazy body kit on it jl audio sound system navigation system chrome rims with spinners a racing spoiler racing seats racing fender neons and lamborghini doors. I plan to turn the car red so I ask how much is a red paint job going to cost me? how bought a custom one with graphics? is it cheaper just to get vynal graphics?

does any one have suggestions on what i should do to the car maybe the engine or accessories some one i know has an eclipse and everytime he shifts it makes a sould lik loud air it sounds awesome what is that? please help I want a really nice car

Thanks guys

posted by  bryanfav123

i think before u spend the most worthless 5 grand in your life you should buy the car, and work on a sound system and under the hood.

of course if u want to be completely ricer u can put a 9' wing on, crap load of stickers, and all the other crap u said. And i bet my sleeper 95 accord with a scrath and dent in the side will kill ur red eclpise.

the noise ur talking about is probably turbo, a MAJOR part of under the hood modification, maybe like a CryO2 system under his hood.

But for the love of all eclpises and the pride of mitsubishi, dont do that shit to your car. oh and btw spinners are gay and ALWAYS will be gay, get a nice set of 18' racing Enkei's wrapped in nitto with all that money ur talking of. Your car would look nice, but the 80's corrolla living down the street from you will kill your nice looking eclipse.


i cant even count the number of stupid civics on this island that have a new exhaust tip and lowered it 2 inches without any new suspension, and i kill em in the tracks by 2 seconds. sleepers f;ing RULE,.

posted by  Stem

The '03 Eclipse doen't come with a turbo. Only the 95-99 GST/GSX had factory turbos. and yeah instead of trashing your money on the craps like the wing, lambo doors and bodykits, spend the money on performance mods. when you have a faster car, you'll get more respect. And the Spinners on the eclispe? What the hell you thinking! For all the 3G fans, Plesae don't make it Ugly!

posted by  ed_7702

Just for the sake of being anal... 90-99 Mitsu Eclipse GSX/GST and 89-98 Eagle Talon TSI, and 90-94 Plymouth Laser RS were factory turbocharged... just FYI.

I honestly have no interest in any of the modifications that you mentioned. I don't think the 3G Eclipse is a good modification platform and I think everything you mentioned is a huge waste of time... but that's just my opinion.

posted by  Bino

go get yourself another car..

spinners ??? :screwy:

posted by  newuser03

Since its a 3rd gen Eclipse, im not going to waste my time telling you to get under the hood mods. The 3rd gen is slow, and will always be slow. Since its already an ugly car, the I cant really give you any suggestions there either. Rice away, ricer boy! Destroy that 3rd gen, because it never shouldve been released in the first place!

posted by  Oomba

don't go off buying the third gens. Buy a 95-99 gsx. Those are the sexy ones and their factory turbo. Or the 2006 eclipse doesn't look that bad and it's a 6 cylinder too.

posted by  Spanky2324

1st gens are quite the sexys themselves, y'know.

posted by  Oomba

jesus christ! just go get a toyota! 1991 Toyota Celica GT-FOUR will PWN that eclipse ANY day of the week, get something else with the money you've got cause the 3G eclipse is an aweful platform as a do'er'upper.

my excel has more chance of bein' a great car to do up *mainly because i can transplant all evolution 9 gear into it! :D yeah!*.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Just to equalize the whole 3G Eclipse bashing here... I did test-drive a 3G Eclipse GTS... all $32,000 worth of it (210hp V6). Granted, it was a very smooth car, good power delivery and fairly nice to drive, felt like an overweight pig, but decent driver with around-town manners... but it's nothing you should modify. Especially since a 2G turbo has... oh, let's see... 210hp, probably gets better mileage, and is significantly less expensive... so I'd lean that way... personally.

posted by  Bino

The 03 Eclipse GTS has 210 hp. The most a 91 Celica has is 200. Pretty even id say

posted by  Oomba

so you're saying that an ST185, 3S-GTE powered 1991 Toyota Celica GT-FOUR (which is the 4WD WRC Model) has no more then 200hp? i believe it's stock at 235awhp.

another words, an SW20 has no more then 200hp aswel? even though it's like 246hp.... hmm... i'm confused..?

posted by  HyundaGuy

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