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Do They Really Increase Performance
Like The Fram Air Hogs
And The K&n Performance
If Yes Then By How Much As Far As Percentage Or Numbers Go
I See Them As A Cheap Way To Increase Power
Am I Right

posted by  6000LE

They show more performance at a higher rpm because the engine is getting more air out of them compared to stock paper filters. It raises like 5 hp and if you get cold air intake you will get 20 hp :thumbs:

posted by  99integra


posted by  Oomba

You get what you pay for...

posted by  fudge

Well, if your grandma sally, your not gonna need that extra 5hp up top from a k&n....But if you rip out your cup holders because they weigh too much, then definitly invest in a better filter, or better yet, an entire cold air intake.

posted by  Zalight

i can relate to doin' shit like that, i've ripped power everything out of my car, if you wanna put the window down you've gotta take the trimming off the door and use a wrench to move the window down now, i ripped out most of my electronical crap that i didn't want or need and i tore out my arm rest console where the stick is, lol! i went mental, took out everything but the front seats, ripped out all of my boot lining and back seat, almost all of my interior, i even took off the protective fabric cover on my dash cause it weighs like 2lbs, i'm a freak like that :smoke:

at the moment a mate and i are stripping his KE70 corolla and gettin' it ready for a 4A-GZE, should be a nice car :D

posted by  HyundaGuy

Ha, yeah, I did the same thing:

just read what I did to my old car. :thumbs: :laughing:

posted by  Zalight

K&Ns will get up to 10hp with just the filter. :thumbs: I put one in my F-350 the other day and then ran it on my buddies dyno.

posted by  FordFromHell351

You dumb **** they are tested and proven to raise the horsepower at least that much

posted by  99integra

Well yes but isn't the gain more if the displacement is more. The same filter on a V8 ( or V10 I'm not sure which you have ) will gain more horsepower than the same filter on a 4 cyl.

posted by  Accord_Man

Yeah, you're right.

posted by  Zalight

20hp cannot be gained from air filters especially in modern engines.


posted by  fudge

I was talking about the cold air intake, it does it at a high rpm when the engine needs air and it makes it cold. Cool air=better performance

posted by  99integra

But not to that extent. You gain 1hp for every 3 degrees you cool down at the intake. You've done well if you gain 8hp.

posted by  fudge

you can get 20 hp from an intake if your car is factory boosted

posted by  black_plague

my mate put a K&N intake on his Daewoo Lanos and it added 11hp, that's a 1504cc dohc efi 4cyl... i think that's decent, my other mate put a K&N intake on his Holden Commodore(VN) which has a Buick V6 (3.8ltr) and it gained like 23hp, i think it's very possible aslong as it doesn't have a vacuum leak.

i personally put a K&N intake on my excel and gained like 10hp and mines a 1497cc sohc efi 4cyl.

i've taken my excel from 84hp to 103hp (at the motor, not sure on the wheels) with 4-2-1 extractors, 2" through from extractors with mandrel bent piping, 3" cat back, 3" muffled box with a 2.25" tip, K&N intake and soon to be a double throttle body set up (twin 34mm t/b's) and bigger injectors, smaller head gaskit and a heavier fuel pump.

posted by  HyundaGuy

a buddy of mine put an injen intake on his 97 gst and got a 21 horsepower gain.... dyno proven

posted by  black_plague

there's heaps of easy extra power to be found especialy on turbo cars.
Replacing the corigated piping behind the filter increases air flow.
cold air feeds as stated, (with at least a basic cold air box would help though.

I saw an old honda a while back that had the aftermarket air filter attached straigt to the manifold preety much sitting right above the engine and at the back of the bay :doh: damn it was funny to see, and of course I had to be diplomatic as I was trying to sell his friend a car.

posted by  relicensed

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