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i just bought a short throw for my integra and wanted to know if anyone has installed one before? is it hard, can i do everything form the top or do i need to put it in the air to get to the linkage? any advise would be a big help thanks

posted by  airmanUSN

you have to get under the car to get the shift linkage off and get the shifter off but it is an easy process ..... it should only take like 20-30 mins

posted by  black_plague

that sounds like a good investment, I bet you can easily pick up say 4-5 seconds in the quarter mile. hey, I never knew they made a short throw for an automatic.

posted by  C4Power

yeah thanks, i did it two days ago and forgot to update the thread, it was really easy only link 4 or 5 bolts

posted by  airmanUSN

you should of known, considering 99% of the pro street and pro stock 'muscle' cars in the USA have stage 2 B&M short throw shifter kits, making the shifts like .1 of a second long instead of .67 of a second.. they came in auto's before they made a short throw plate for manuals..

i thought you knew heaps about cars?

posted by  HyundaGuy

just ignore him, he's like a fly annoying but can't really hurt anything

posted by  airmanUSN

amen to that! i agree completely, it's not our fault he's a complete nub to cars and has no idea what he's sayin'.

posted by  HyundaGuy

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