Is this normal for an Acura?

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I was test driving this 1997 Acura Integra LS 4 door, 93k miles and i noticed that when i let off of the gas, the car starts slowing down a lot faster than my dads 2005 Corolla. His car can go on a flat surface for about a quarter mile without loosing speed when im doing like 40
this one starts slowing down (integra)

1997 Acura INtegra LS 93k miles
1.8 Liter Inline 4 engine
142 horsepower
127 pounds of torque

Is it normal for the car to start slowing down like that

My moms old 1997 Honda Civic HX did that too.
P.S. both cars are automatic..well all 3

posted by  6000LE

I don't know about the automatic but maybe the brakes are sticken just a little bit

posted by  99integra

Its not something to worry about.

posted by  Zalight

could be the dude said the brakes were rather new
i guess they will just get worn in sooner or later

posted by  6000LE

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