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well.. heres the scoop, I just got my moms mazda millenia and although its quite speedy for my first car.. at least to me, I wanted to know some things I can do to it to improve its performace and increase hp and mph in general.. parts? they can be small modifications or tricky ones.. price is not really an restraint (sp?) but just not crazy.. sorry for being not too knowledgeable but I didnt know where else to go.. Thanks!


posted by  VivaLaNation!!!

there is absolutely no one out there who can help me at all? wow. not even pointers or anything..

posted by  VivaLaNation!!!

you can get an intake, exhaust, header, and you could get the ecu chipped .......if its a stick you could also get clutch and flywheel....if an auto you get a high stall torque converter.......you could super charge or turbo charge it or get nitrous or go all motor....its limitless what you can do just look for whats in your price range and go from there...oh and make sure if you get rims make sure you have suspension to go along with it...get suspension regardless

posted by  black_plague

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