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If anyone owns a 95-99 Eclipse, I was hoping you could do me a favor. I recently purchased a modified 98 Eclipse, but it appears that the headlights are not the correct size. It's either this, or the aftermarket bodykit is the wrong one. To figure this out, I would really appreciate if someone could simply measure the width of the headlight when looking at it. Like the glass from side to side. If you could, please specify what year it is as I know the headlights are different for 95-96 and 97-99. Thanks a bunch.

posted by  darksting75

I can't help you with that but if theres an aftermarket body kit on it that might be the problem cause it wasn't installed correctly or is the wrong type. Otherwise check into getting some new headlights off of a 98 or the stock 98 front. Those look sick as hell anyways I wouldn't change the front of it. Congrats on getting that car too.

posted by  Spanky2324

How about you take a picture of the front end of your car and we'll tell if it's the headlights or the bodykit... I'm about 98% sure it's the bodykit... because you'd have to be pretty dense to put '95-'96 headlights on a '97-'99 car.

posted by  Bino

Id be glad to help you out. I have a 97 GS. Horozontally, , its just under 20 inch at the farthest point, and about 5 inches high.

posted by  Masuk

Thanks for the help....currently I can't measure my car, because I"m at work, but here is a link to pictures for you to check out. Thanks!,1&item=455621 3553&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT

posted by  darksting75

Those are the stock, factory fit 97-99 headlights. The problem is your bodykit... as I predicted... just another reason why bodykits blow goats...

posted by  Bino

Oh, and if you want some chrome projector headlights for your new ride... I'll trade you for those stock headlights... I'm quite serious.

posted by  Bino

You would really want to trade the chrome projector headlights for stock lights? I will be honest and say they are somewhat scratched, so it would be unfair to trade them, but thanks for the offer! By the way, how do the chrome projectors look on the Eclipse? Ok or not good?

posted by  darksting75

There they are...

I will still trade you headlights, scratches buff out. I think the black stockers would look better on my black car than the chromie jobs.

posted by  Bino

Take the body kit and vinyls off with stock lights and theyll fit perfectly :thumbs:

posted by  Oomba

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