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hey guys, my brother is looking to buy a 2001 nissan maxima SE, i was just wandering if the insurance on it would be higher than the 98 nissan pathfinder luxury edition that he has right now? anyone know?

posted by  dsmracersv98

That would depnd on the insurance company and where you live. No one can really tell you it would the best if you call up the company and ask

posted by  ed_7702

oo ok, hes payin like 1 thousand every 6 months right now, the maxima is a very sporty car even with it being a sedan and has all the "good stuff" since its the SE, but the thing im not so sure about on this car is that the guy wants like 11 thousand for it, doesnt that seem kind of low to yall considering its a 2001 maxima, i mean my mom looked it up and the car is like 3 thousand below the book value, why would someone basically give 3 thousand away on a nice car like that

posted by  dsmracersv98

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