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I’ve recently come into the knowledge and realization that I can not drive my Fiero year round… as much as I would love too, Its my baby and now that it’s a collectable, I don’t want my perfect frame rusting in MI harsh winters.

Ive been thinking this over… and a lot… I want a car that I can get decent fuel economy, I dont want to spend much on it, maybe even the ability to be ok in the winter… so in keeping with my love of 2 seaters and my sick need to be different I’ve chosen the Suzuki X-90, I want 4WD but will be happy with 2WD.

What have you guys heard about it? Any one here ever own one?
Keep in mind it’ll be my winter beater. I wont be putting much money into it, other then a cd player, nothing really.
In case you’ve never heard of it… or seen one, heres a pic.

posted by  TheFieroKid

Over that I would suggest a 4WD Blazer, they have torque ass V-6's in them :2cents:

posted by  93ranger

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