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Hi guys, today I am getting my silver 1998 prelude, 5 speed manual, 76,700 miles.

It already has low profile tires and sweet looking custom wheels, tires are fairly new, so I'm leaving those alone. I'm going to be tinting the windows first though.

I'm wondering where I should go in terms of mods. For performance, right now I am just doing research, and will drive the car stock for a little while. When school starts I am in an auto class so I will have access to tools and

knowlegable people to help me so I don't screw up my car trying to mod it. But when I do get to it, what is the first thing I should do? I am thinking getting the engine to breathe easier. Cold air intake, K&N air filter, and cat back exhaust system. I hear flowmaster is good. What can I expect to pay for all this? My guess is around 800bucks? How much power/torque gain would I get? I also want to get a radar detector for it. What are good ones to buy? Can I get a decent one for around 400 bucks? Where should I buy them?

According to carsdirect.com, the 98 prelude has 190 hp and the 99 has 200. What is the difference between them?

Also, does anyone know a reputable 0-60 time and 1/4 mile on the prelude? I have found lots of different ones, from high 5's 0-60 all the way to high 7's. I wanna be at least in the mid 6 range.

And also, what would win. My friend's 99 acura 3.2TL with 225 horses and 3,400lbs, or the prelude with 190 or 200 horses and 3,000 lbs? He wants to race, but I don't wanna street race and get in trouble.

posted by  Vlad

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