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I wish I actually knew someone with a subaru, unfortunately I don't. I know its a sports car, but I wonder how fuel efficient is it? Is it so extreme that just the fuel will make me go broke? =\

posted by  Filibuster

I don't own one, I can dream though!
MSN auto states the fuel efficiency of the 2005 WRX is 19-20 MPG city, 26-27 Hwy. The Sti only gets 18 MPG city, 24 MPG HWY. Not really the best in fuel efficiency, but we all make sacrifices!!

posted by  97Talonchik

No turbo car car is going to have "good" fuel efficient, the wrx adding to the cost because it's awd.

posted by  GreekWarrior

The WRX and WRX STI have forced induction, ofcourse they will consume more gas than comparable 4cyl Naturally Aspirated cars. Now, if you keep to high gears and low rpm and get on it only once in a while i don't see why gas should be that big a problem.

posted by  importluva

instead of goin' wrx or wrx sti with the ej20l, you could always go with rx or rs with the e25, difference there is the wrx/wrx sti = forced induction, rs/rx = n/a, plus, ones a sohc and the other's a dohc... oh.. and displacement of course, atleast it's still got the looks?

lol.. eitherway, personally i'd go with an my98 wrx sti... personal favourite.

posted by  HyundaGuy

I wouldn't get too worried about mpg, as the guy said above it's more to do with how you drive.

I had a twin turbo suby which when I drove would only get about 300klm from a full tank but when the wife drove it she could get almost 600klm.

Do keep in mind though that it is hard to be reserved when driving an sti. As soon as you have the minor mods of pipe, pod, bov and boost tap all you'll want to do is have fun.

posted by  relicensed

I'd take a STi. Those rims and that wing are god awful though.

I want a right hand drive car :ohcrap:

posted by  Oomba

turbos only use up a lot of gas if u keep driving them hard down the streets. in my supra, i just drove slowly (not that slow, but accelerating at a steady pace). i got a very nice mileage driving like that.

as long as u accelerate steadily, the turbo wont really spool up, therefore, the engine wont really be digesting that much air and wont be using up that much gas. actually, in some cases, turbo cars can even use up less gas if driven appropiately (and not compared to an Echo, or even worse, a Prius).

posted by  Inygknok

i think the Sti is the only one with a ej20 i thought the WRX was a 2.5. i could be wrong though

posted by  airmanUSN

The STi is 2.5, the WRX is 2.0, the RS is 2.5

posted by  Oomba

thanks knew it was something like that

posted by  airmanUSN

Ah thank you for all your imputs. Here's the deal i'm just worried about the WRX because it will be my first car all to myself. Usually I just use my cousins or my uncle's car to get around. People tell me that I should get something cheaper for my first car, and get something better as I get more experienced. I don't know if that's the case, any input?

posted by  Filibuster

its not like a motorcycle where theres the chance of you layin it down and cosmeticly ruining it. as long as you dont drive like a retard the worst thing that will ever happen to your car is a few minor scratches and lil things like that. the whole point is you need to pay attention when behind the wheel at all times. if you do that youll never have to worry about wrecking your car. just about maintnence. the only way you can hurt your car is if your a bad driver. if your a good driver even if someones drunk and is about to hit you as long as your paying attention youll have time to react properly anyways. just depends on if your a retard behind the wheel or not

posted by  72firebird

if your still in high school start with something milder than a WRX or STi. I personally was a lunatic in high school. I ragged my S10 all the time. But if you do get a turbo car, be patient and keep under 4000rpms for at least the first 1000 miles

posted by  airmanUSN

Ah thanks for all the tips, but i'm actually in college already. The price of the car doesn't bother me, but i'm just worried about the insurance. I live in NYC, and is a killer. I might have to use my father's name, since he had his license for over 20 years already and with a clean record. However, anyone with a WRX can tell me roughly how much they pay for insurance annually?

posted by  Filibuster

Why don't you find out yourself. Call a few insurance companies or go to their websites and configure your policy. Unless you're getting liability only there is a very good chance that they will rape you haha

posted by  importluva

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