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im getting a twin turbo rx-7 and im wondering if i upgrade the turbos am i supposed to upgrade both? if someone could explaine the system to me i would apreciate it cuz im really confused at this time.

posted by  Guns_10

I think they were sequential tt weren't they? If so, I guess you could theoretically upgrade only one, but you'd want to make sure it was still matched with the existing one.

The setup for a seq tt is something like this:
You have one small turbo and one big one. The exhaust air goes through the little one first, then the big one. The little one spins up quicker, so it provides some boost in the lower rev range, and then the big one kicks in and increases the boost at higher revs. The little one is effectively there to reduce turbo lag from just having one big turbo.

posted by  windsonian

very well said :)

posted by  HyundaGuy

and what exactaly is turbo lag? im new to this and im trying to learn what i can.

posted by  Guns_10

The time it takes the turbo to spool up (spin into action)...usually a slight moment, but one that seems a lifetime when needing immediate boost.

posted by  BavarianWheels

go to and look up how turbos work.

What happens is there is basically 2 fans. The exhaust hits one of the fans and spins it around. This one is permanently fixed to the other one, so that when the exhaust makes the first one spin, the other one spins too. This 2nd one is in the intake air line, so when the exhaust one makes it spin, it blows more air into the engine. Therefore you compress the air and force more in (ever heard of boost? psi? psi is pounds per square inch of pressure of extra air that is being forced into the engine).

If you force more air into the engine, you can get better explosions - more power.

tell us how much you actually do know, and we'll start from there. :thumbs:

posted by  windsonian

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