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I was just surfing around the internet looking for performance mods for my car, and then i found this article. Honda Tuning Magazine, bolted on a Cold Air Intake, new exhaust system, and a Grounding/ Voltage kit. And from the dyno's shown in the article here: here (http://hondatuningmagazine.com/tech/0505ht_tl/) . The car gets a 30 wheel horsepower increase. I do not think that is possible, 215 is way too low, since its 270 crank hp, there is no way that there is a 55 horsepower loss.

Here is the dyno:


posted by  aerith

In this day and age the company who shouts out the most horsepower increase will get the most customers. It's sad but it's true.

And to get such gains you probably have to modify the head or get rid of the catalytic converter(which is illegal) as well which they didn't tell you. My advice is don't expect what the companies claim.

It's kind of weird that a cold air intake plus and exhaust gives 40hp increase whereas I've seen quad throttle conversion(which is the ultimate setup in induction on 4 cylinder an NA engine) and exhaust yield 30hp increase.

posted by  fudge

215whp is a little low for a FWD 04-05 TL. They should be hitting 220-225whp stock. Maybe it's like the 00-03 S2000 and they gain 10-15whp completely stock just by driving it a couple ten thousand miles.

Not odd to see a 30whp increase with another J series engine though. The exhaust alone should give it 15whp. J series engine exhausts are VERY restrictive (on the Accord/TL especially). Think of it this way, you know how have a 300hp TL with intake/exhaust and grounding wires.

posted by  thunderbird1100

BTW I didn't know grounding wires was a performance upgrade :confused:

posted by  fudge

Everybody says and assumes that the grounding wire thing is a total hoax. I have read about 4 articles from pretty reputable sources that have showed an increase in performance from installing a grounding kit. The articles always start out "these things are a total hoax and we're here to prove it". But every single one of them shows a measurable increase in power.

After all, the most import part of an electrical circuit is the ground. Loose ground wires or improperly grounded wires account for a very high number of mysterious automotive electrical gremlins; and our vehicles are just large isolated electrical circuits (among other things).

Maybe they're a hoax, but a lot of people say that about performance air filters as well... so take it as you will.

posted by  Bino

Oh, and that 'TL power discrepency could easily be attributed to the difference in power between sea level and higher altitude testing. You're correct that there should not be a 20% drivetrain loss on a FWD car.

posted by  Bino

seriously? 20% loss in FWD cars? if that's so then what's a 20% increase on 92hp?.. what something like.. well.. 10% of 92 = 9.2, thus meaning that 20% is 18.4, therfore my car has 120.4hp at the motor?.. i don't think it's got that much.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Read all of the words in my post. I state that there should NOT be a 20% drivetrain loss for FWD cars... good try though.

posted by  Bino

my bad, i skimmed through it, lol.

posted by  HyundaGuy

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