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i recently had a jammed spark plug stuck in my head.. i removed the head and had someone get it out for me so all is well.. now comes time to put it all back together... but i needed to know does anyone know or know where to go to find wut the specs are for the torque on the head bolts?

posted by  C c C

get a shop manual, dude! that will cost you about 15 bucks and give you the torque specs and tightening sequence for anything screwed to that car...

...you started this project a really long time ago... :doh:

posted by  dodger65

I hope you removed the head with the correct sequence!!! :doh:

if you didn't then you've definately twisted the head!! AHH!! not good!, i did it with my mate's datsun about two years back cause i didn't have a clue as to what i was doin', lol.

posted by  HyundaGuy

i did take off the head bolts with the correct sequence.. but i just wasnt sure about the toruqe specs.. i have one of those books umm haynes i think .. but i cant seem to find the specs in there. is htere a site that might have it?

posted by  C c C

So far i can only find it for either 1.5L '87 Civic or '88-'90 CRX.

Heres the link for the CRX, might be the same pretty much: http://www.quickhonda.net/specs.htm

And heres the one for the '87 Civic: http://www.faqfarm.com/Q/What_is_the_head_bolt_tightening_sequence_and_torq ue_for_a_1987_Honda_Civic_1.5_ltr_4_cyl

posted by  car_crazy89

im pretty sure its 60 lb ft...thats what the specs for mine are anyways and my car is a 1993 1.6L honda

posted by  black_plague

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