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why would my spark plugs kept throwing?

posted by  hatchetbitch


posted by  Oomba

why is a 1997 Mitsubishi aclipse throwing spark plugs?

posted by  hatchetbitch


its Eclipse, not alclipse, and wtf is throwing a spark plug, im shove a spark plus up ur anus if u dont stop disrespecint mitsu's

posted by  Stem


posted by  VG30DE

Its so much easier talking to people when you actually use a real language.

posted by  nsupra27

ROFLMFAO thats funny right there, amen brother

posted by  Stem

ok look all i am doing is repeating what was told to me. sorry about the spelling thats my fault

posted by  hatchetbitch

Hey guys
Althought it seems as though none of us knows what you are talking about, ma ybe you can take the time ti describe what you are asking in more depth, that way you wont receive posts telling you thye have no idea. I my self ha ve a 97 Eclipse and I have never heard of "throwing sparkplugs". I am curious to find out more about this though, please clear this up.

posted by  Masuk

what in the flying **** is "throwing spark plugs" ??? ****, i know you can drop ya trans and burn ya pistons, but dude, what the **** is throwing a spark plug? you can't throw them.... explain with greater detail, please.

posted by  HyundaGuy

I can throw them ... probably about 40m if I've warmed up :laughing:

posted by  windsonian

If somebody overtorqued the sparkplugs when installing them in the head... they could have stripped the aluminum threads from the head... and therefore when the motor is in the compression stroke would shoot the sparkplug out of the head... i.e. throwing sparkplugs. This seems highly unlikely, but that's all I can get from this thread.

posted by  Bino

Do you mean your sparkplugs are flying out or something?

posted by  Oomba

just go to a mechanic maybe hell understand your retard talk and ask them how to say your cars name right

posted by  ferrariman666

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