mazda 2003 mpv stuck ignition key

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When I turn off the car the key will not click into the final position for removal unless I remove the 60 amp fuse labeled 1GKEY1 or 60 amp BTN or the positive battery cable. There is an audiable click from the ignition when any of the above is done and I can the turn the key to take it out. Shifting in and out of park and keeping my foot on the brake has does not help to let the key turn all the way out. Could this be something other than replacing the ignition?

posted by  Dave24

Have you checked for recalls? I had a recall done to my prelude with the problem similar to yours.

posted by  importluva

its japanese..... and try puting it in neutral

posted by  ferrariman666

my bad its an manual keep it in park and jiggle it lol that might help

posted by  ferrariman666

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