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Hey everybody,

I know you're tired of my question but I'm having troubles deciding. This is the last one. :laughing: I talked to a local mechanic and this is a quote he gave me on sound system for my 1999 Nissan Altima:

JVC MP3 headunit...$225
Not sure what kind, but he said it's a good amp...$120
Dual 10inch kicker subs...$220
Two back tweeter speakers...$100
Complete installation...$125

This should run for just under $800. I plan on arguing it down a bit, and then bumping it up to $1000 with better stuff. $1000 is about what I want to spend on it. Keeping that budget in mind, any suggestions on if I should take it or not? I don't need the top line stuff, I just want good bass and decent quality. Thanks!


posted by  Nissan_Altima

Try and get some speakers up front.

As for the amp, seems low price.... to power dual Kickers(if theyre comp or compvrs, your looking at 300 per sub...), the amp should probaby cost more.

Sounds like a pretty good deal overall though(for not knowing exact models...)

posted by  dodgerforlife

We need SPECS!!! JVC makes a decent head unit.
What amp??!?!?! That makes a huge difference.
What Kicker subs? I dont really like any of them, but if that price is for Comps or Comp VR's you're getting ripped.
Two tweeters for $100? You realize you can get a set of CDT components for $150.
Install price isnt can do so much better though.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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