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Hey um. as you might remember i had a thread about fast stock cars a few weeks ago, I took everyone's answers seriously and i have added a few more cars to my list. Right now I'm trying to find the right car for me and I've done a lot of research. I'm planning on getting a car in about two years but doing everything last minute is really frustrating so i'm trying to do most of the research now.

Enough with the talking. i was jsut wondering, if im going to import a skyline to canada how long would it take and how much would the whole process cost?

I've done some research on skylines and i found the cost of the shipping and the car itself:

1993 Skyline Gtr R32 (15 years old in 2008) - 18,700 USD


Shipping fee to Canada - 900 USD

= 19,600 USD for the car and the shipping

I was just wondering how much it'll cost for the car to go through customs and everything... O yea. im also wondering how long it'll take.

Thanks a lot CF, u guys are very helpful :thumbs:

posted by  SloMoBullet

Why not just pick up an Infiniti G35 coupe?

posted by  Oomba

or a ranger lol

posted by  ferrariman666

lol i would but the price is 45,800 CAD i figured it might be a little cheaper picking up an r32 skyline

posted by  SloMoBullet

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