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hey guys i have a 2001 IS300 5 speed automatic and i was wondering how much a transmission swap to a 5 speed manual would cost? and is it a better idea to get it done striaght form lexus dealer ship? and also would it do any harm to the car if the transmission is swapped?

posted by  vuhuynh109

Make note that even though you are going to put alot of money into this, the value of your car will probably go down slightly, unless someone really wants an '01 and a stick (they didn't have sticks in 01, right?). GL :thumbs:

posted by  VG30DE

If you can find a bellhousing to mate the engine to a Supra or Soarer gearbox then you're in luck.

posted by  fudge

hi, i have a 1993 toyota cressida (3lt straight 6 engine) would it be cost effective or easy to install a 5 speed auto transmission from a lexus IS 300

posted by  Wedomie

if you're doin' a gearbox swap, i would suggest you get a 1jz-gte or something and grab a box from that too, that way you can increase the power and have a manual gearbox, also, have a almost unique IS300 and have a shyt load of fun with a 2.5ltr v6 turbo w/ a 5spd man! :D fun!

posted by  HyundaGuy

i was looking just to put in the 5 or a 6speed auto for the increase in economy and without the expence of changing the cressida to a manual

posted by  Wedomie

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