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Any idea how much it would cost to paint my accord silver at macco? or if there are any better/cheaper places in the south jersey area?

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

I'm sure there are LOTS of "better" places, but few cheaper. MAACO uses cheap synthetic enamel, boiught in huge quantities, and spends very little time on prep-work. By the time you get clear paint on it, and catalized urethane hardener in teh paint, and pay them to actually spend time on it, you will be spending nearly as much as a regular paing and body shop would charge for high quality paint materials.

Basics, to get the car scuffed, barely masked, and basic one stage silver put on it, you're looking at $300+ if you want clear on it, add another $200. If you want it to STICK (i.e. have it prepped with actual sanding) it'll cost more. If you want it to be shiny and last, you'll need to kick in a bunch more for urethane hardener. And if you want it to not have the old color in the door jambs, you can nearly double the price, and your'e STILL using cheap synthetic enamel.

posted by  ChrisV

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