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We have a 2002 Civic which has not been the best car. I just sold my old 1993 that had 342,000 kms and it was the best car I ever had. The 2002 we have had for sometime. My wife just came home tonight and said the AC was blowing hot air. Sure enough it is. I checked the belt and swapped the good fuses with what AC fuses I could find under the hood in the main box area. The only thing left now I'm afraid is, the compressor or maybe a low charge on the compressor. I can't spend hardly any money. Any other tricks before I take it to the garage? :ohcrap:

Thanks in advance for any help.


posted by  ak85lp

Get it recharged. If its blowing hot air it out of Freon.

posted by  Oomba

look to see how much freon it can hold. and then unscrew the high end and if air comes out than you dont have a leak, if theres air. than buy freon at any auto place ussually 12 oz cans and buy enough because it wont work if you dont use a hose to put in

posted by  ferrariman666

I would imagine for the year it's not likely freon now. Just because it blows warm air that's just the fan blowing right? How do I know it's not a compressor? Sorry just don't trust garages either. :oops:

posted by  ak85lp

turn it on, turn the ac on and have a look under the hood ... can you hear the compressor working?

posted by  windsonian

Something similar happened to me on my car once...

The A/C never blew cold air. Turns out the dial for the thing was offset, so that even turned to the coldest setting it was still registering as set to slightly warm. Compounding the problem, the temperature sensor wasn't set to the right temperature, it was a bit too warm. Both of these were inexpensive to fix and completely fixed the problem.

posted by  hondaman

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