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I wanted to know what muffler works the best on a four banger? I already have a header and custom exhaust done but i want a louder exhaust. I want the loudest exhause possible from a muffler. One that you can hear from blocks away. Any help would be great. Thanks

posted by  Pwright23

none ... mufflers are to "muffle" the sound.

posted by  windsonian

Streets away? Just take it off. GL w/ cops :thumbs:.

posted by  VG30DE

Even though you see those people with big cans at the back of their car, it's nothing as loud as a proper race car. Those DTM Mercedes do blast your ears but they sound sweet.

posted by  fudge

quite obviously the loudest choice is to not have a muffler.....have fun with emissions as well....

seriously though, i couldnt answer that question, ive never really looked at aftermarket exhaust upgrades...

posted by  dodgerforlife

I have looked at exhaust upgrades... but my thoughts have always been... How can I improve performance while not attracting the eye/ear of the law? Not... How can I make my car obnoxious as hell? So I'll be of no help either.

posted by  Bino

What a ricey way to think. Dont put a fart can on your car. You may think its cool, but everyone else is laughing at you.

posted by  Oomba

For once I must agree. Why would you want only to be heard blocks away? Get a muffler that improves performance, instead of one intended to make the car sound like just another loud buzzing drone.

posted by  hondaman

cause when the girls hear his car farting from blocks away it turns them on :banghead:

posted by  72firebird

LMFAO!! :D:D:D:D ahh good ol' 72firebird... funny funny... :D

posted by  HyundaGuy

Damm if that's the case I'll know what I'll be doing to the bake bean can after I've eaten the beans.

posted by  fudge


posted by  mahalaleel

No retarted he means driving :screwy:

posted by  99integra

or he could have been talking about farting in his car to attract the ladies. or that he was gonna turn the bean can into a fart can exhaust tip

posted by  72firebird

I Was Kidding (

posted by  99integra

Or both if it works :thumbs:

posted by  fudge

ROFL :stupid: kind of the obvious alternative

posted by  Boondock Saint

this will sound retarted but if you want to be heard from block away then get 4inch or so piping and a tip there ya go :thumbs: . But the cops will be all over your ass :cussing:

posted by  mx3_monster

umm.. i hope that bit was a joke.. cause like.. you kinda sorta NEED back pressure.. and yeah.. hmm.. 4" throughout is gonna lose it hard.. even for a vehicle with forced induction that's to much.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Um... no

If by forced induction you mean turbocharged. Yes you still need to setup your exhaust with proper backpressure if you're using a supercharger. But a turbocharger will run best if there is zero backpressure in the exhaust system... it's fundamentally how a turbocharger works.

posted by  Bino

Truth. And even a supercharger likes lots of exhaust, as you really don't need much scavenging when air is being forced through the engine (note how much exhaust top fuel and funny car supercharged engines have).

posted by  ChrisV

i just run a 3inch open dowpipe and open wastegate dump......its pretty loud....thats why i dont drive the car all the he wants loud he should run open header...its always loud and sounds like ass on 4cylinders...just my :2cents:

posted by  black_plague

my bad, i've got a friend with an AW11 who runs a 3" through and it runs better then what it did with a 3.5", could it just be because of the engine? or just basically because the SC12 supercharger is to small to run anything bigger?.

posted by  HyundaGuy

It's because it's a supercharger not a turbocharger. As Chris stated, supercharged motors will run better with some back pressure. On the exhaust side it's still a naturally aspirated motor, it is just having a lot more air/fuel forced through on the other end by the supercharger. You will still see benefits from "back pressure" (tuned scavenging effects) and you will lose "power" (you actually just move the tuned RPM when you go larger diameter), if you spin it high enough you will find the power again.

posted by  Bino

alrighty! i understand now! thanks for that.

i've got a question about rotarys, anyone willing to help me out?

bridge porting the rotary, what's it actually do? i've been told it just increase's the a/f intake into the housing, thus creating a larger combustion and increasing torque and some hp? is this right?

i was under the impression that the housing was actually bored out slightly aswel as the a/f intake ports being bored out, i just want to know exactly what it does cause i'm a car enthusiast like everyone else :D

posted by  HyundaGuy

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