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I'm looking to get my first car and I have around a $7500 budget. I was previously looking at a 3000 GT SL but there were a few problems with it so I stayed away from it. Now I have my eyes on a 1999 Honda Prelude Type SH with 65K miles on it. It's being sold for around 10K but the person who owns it is a friend so I can probably get a deal on it. Does this seem like a good first car to get or are there other good options to get between $5000-$7500? Thanks.

posted by  Canadianpimp

97-01 Prelude SH's are great, offer what you have!

posted by  thunderbird1100

i seem to remember having a friend who had the '88 prelude which was an excellent car, it had 4WS, he could turn it on and off when he wanted.. it was a great system for mountain passes and so forth.

great fun to drive and great fun to learn to drive in.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Go for it! SHs are badass, In my opinion.

posted by  Zalight

Nothing wrong with a prelude, but be warned. The SH's are more expensive to mod than the base prelude. From my understanding many mods are made seperately for SHs and you will have to buy those unless you tinker with the ATTS system.

posted by  importluva

Get a used 911, that is all.

posted by  Slapshot

Wouldn't we all like that but you forgot about that thing called INSURANCE. :banghead:

posted by  Accord_Man

Oh, yeah, right... :doh:

posted by  Slapshot

Good to see that you've come to your senses.

posted by  Accord_Man

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