Found a B18, non-vtec, worth it or not?

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it kind of depends on what b18 non vtec it is, b18a, b18b. what exactly do you get for that $700.

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I've been searchin around a B16 or B18, either or just so I can get this sohc out my car and I finally came across a B18. Problem is the guy who is selling it said it was non-vtec. It has 90k on it and he is selling it for $700. Im stumped as to what to do so throw me some oppinions.

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my friend put a B18B in his civic hatch, and it's pretty fast even without the vtec. I believe they go for about $1000, so $700 would be a good deal.

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If i were u i would buy it for 700 bucks!!!! cause u can always replace the head with a vtec head, like a gsr head. I just wanted to know if u ever heard of a frankenstien setup???? if u dont know what it islet me explain it for u...........

Vtec engines do not produce that much low and mid range power, a frankenstien set up is were u combine a b20 block (which u can get from a b18b motor) and a vtec head from any of the b series motors that have Vtec. What u get is the low and mid range power from the b20 block and the high end power from the vtec head, Thus making it a very popular set up for all honda owners. If u have any more questions feel free to ask me

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id say its worth it

posted by  mazda6man

just get it, it's a good deal anyway. replace the head, or keep it as is

posted by  PodunkPunk

LSVtec is a very nice swap :arrow:

posted by  skullz

lsvtecs are great

posted by  mazda6man

for that price i'd buy it..........

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I'd do it, for sure. That's a good price, you can get one with the same mileage for $1500, so yeah i'd do it. Or you can look for other honda engines no one really talks about. like the ZC(135horse 120 torque, non Vtech)for $600 or the B16-c(185 horse 155 torque, Vtech, the old civic type R engine) for 2k. It all depends on how much money you're willing to spend.

posted by  Zalight

i built a ls v-tec and with minor bolt ons it got a nice 178 at the wheels. so it is a great way to go but make sure it is complete with all the harness and the trans cuss that is the best trans to go with. well as long as you get lsd put in

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a B18 for $700 with 90k on it (still plenty of life) Bargain mate! GO get that engine :wink2: :thumbs:

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^^^ ya hes right you can do that setup if your lookin to go all out in speed....just depends what you wanna do overall and what gains your lookin to get....what year car you puttin it in and is it a hatch or coupe???.....if you want that swap i can get it for you just let me know which setup ur interested in PM me or IM on aim or aol @ bigtymplaya

posted by  JdmEngines

a B18a/b for $700 with 90k miles on it is WAY overpriced. You can order a new B18b1 direct for $800-$900... Now a B18c1 with 90k miles and for $700 is deifnatley a steal.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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