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Ok guys, I know that your all crazy about these cheap 4-banger imports, and your all about cheap speed. Well i found a handfull of cars tht can beat u import tuners at your own game. Now Im only 13 so I might be wrong, and it would be nice if you could correct me. The first car dominates the used car section, u can find one in near perfect condition for $2,500, with a 7.7 second 0-62 mph acceleration, enter the Volkswagen Scirocco. The only model worth lying your hands on however is the 1986-1988 model, wich makes it hard to find. There are still two on e-bay for any buyers. the engine is a 16-valve 1.8 liter 4-cylinder. The Scirooco does have a fan base and their are at least two sites that I know of which will give you all the modding oppurtunities you need. These next two are current models from Detroit, the Dodge Neon SRT-4 and the Chevrolet Cobalt SS. While not as high quality as Japanese cars the SRT-4 is a big jump over it's younger sibling the Neon, retailing for $20,450 and with 5.6 0-60 mph (Car and Driver). Its no featherweight. The Cobalt, I don't like as much, it's more refined and more comfortable than the Dodge, but both cars loose out in the refinement category to the Acura RSX Type-S. The Cobalt accelerates from 0-60 in 5.9 sec. (Car and Driver). Both the Dodge and Chevy have a good aftermarket followup. The only place where I can see these cars losing out to their competition is reliability. the Scirocco's 16valve engine does require some mechanical skill, and neither domestic breed has escaped the stereotype, though the Cobalt it much more reliable than other American cars and the Dodge is making great strides. The only japanese cars I find worthy of being mentioned in the same breath are the Acura RSX Type-S and the Honda Civic, just because of it's amazing amount of modifications. In my view, which may be somewhat biased, is that these three cars throw down any others that Japan has to offer. I challenge all of you to show me any Japanese car that defeats these overall. You should though take into account their stupendous performance in your solution. OK, bye now. :thumbs:

posted by  Slapshot

You have much to learn

posted by  importluva

I can start namind lots of cars, but none for that kind of price. Want a powerful car? Pontiac Bonneville SSEI
amazing power Supercharged 3.8 Liter
Out of japan there are now lots of cars that have loads of power. I drove an 05 TL today, but once again its a different price. Im not sure i really understand what you want people to tell you though. clear it up for me and i will do my best to help you out

posted by  6000LE

The Honda S2000 is a more impresive 4 cyl. than any of those cars you mentioned, and it isn't even factory turbocharged. And if your determining the "better car" by only looking at the 0-60 times, then as importluva said, "you have a lot to learn."

posted by  Accord_Man

you can look at their 1/4 mile times, their power output, any thing. doesn't matter. Maybe I didn't say this before, actually i didn't say this before, oops :wink2: . I'm looking to see if anyone can name a better [stock] car for under 25K. not an S2000. the s2000 is an amazing car out of japan, and for the price can beat out practically every other car for the price, if judged by pure sportiness , which is essentially what it is right? Right now im just being an annoying prick, and trying (so far unsuccesfully) to prove that these Asian Import cars are inferior in performance to others. besides, being an annoying prick is what we 13 year olds do best. :laughing:

posted by  Slapshot

So im asking if any of you can prove me wrong, and show me any Asian car for under 25,000 that can beat out the dodge or chevy, or any used Asian car for under 3,000 that can beat the Scirocco. Ok, right.

posted by  Slapshot

2 words
nissan maxima
i dont mean to be a stereotypical russian, but 190 horsepower
or were we talking about loosing my damn mind here.

posted by  6000LE

Im reading about the new 2006 eclipse. I like what i see. Its a v6 but under 25,000k. In my opinion the srt-4 is the best domestic compact created to this date. The cobalt is ok. However, give me a first gen talon before a cobalt anyday. On second thought a 350z , no a WRX, no a EVO. Crap i give up. Im depressed now due to the fact that I will never own a car that is less then 8 years old. Do yourself a favor and study harder. I should have.

posted by  FestivaFrank

under $25k
= (TOYOTA)SupraTT, SoarerTT/V8, MR2 Turbo
= (NISSAN)R30 - R33 Skylines (GT-R, GTS, GTS-t), Pulsar GTiR, Silvia(S12 - S15), 300ZX (Z31 and Z32)
= (MITSUBISHI)Lancer GSR, Lancer Evolution(I - V), 3000GT VR-4, VR-4 Galant
= (SUBARU)ANY WRX STi, WRX or even RX, ANY Legacy
= (MAZDA)RX-7 Series 6, 323 Famalia GT-R
under $3k
= (TOYOTA)Supra(MA70), Soarer(GZ20), MR2 Supercharged
= (NISSAN)Pulsar ET Turbo
= (HYUNDAI) S-Coupe Turbo

there's a few for you... now.. i'm glad that i could of insighted such a young lad to see that japanese imports are really good vehicles for really low prices.. OH.. and just so you know.. i've left out custom cars that can be built for under $25k just because i don't want to hurt your pride anymore then i already have.

have fun with that... i'm glad that i could of been a service to you.

posted by  HyundaGuy

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How you like dem apples??

posted by  elchango36

i don't :PP, it's an auto.. not my style.. lol...

posted by  HyundaGuy

umm....i think your in the wrong section. this is asian import.

posted by  silvia_star

i can find a car 7000, and it could beat that srt-4 and cobalt. and its an import car.

umm...i believe volkswagon is an import car... :orglaugh:

i can find an old school supra that can beat that volkswagon of yours...

posted by  silvia_star bad :banghead: ! I didnt see that I was searching pretty quickly for a prelude under 3000. Good eye!!

posted by  elchango36

Yes you are. I suggest you look these up:

Nissan Sunny/Pulsar Gti-R
Nissan Silvia S13/S14/S15/180sx/200sx/240sx
Toyota Mr-2 (AW11/SW20)
Toyota Celica GT4
Toyota Starlet
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III/IV
Subaru Impreza STi III
Nissan Primera GT
Honda CRX
Mazda Miata/MX-5
Lexus Soarer

You're not only confined to Front wheel drives in my list, here you've got FR, MR and 4wd and convertibles as well and most these cars are turboed and has good potential for more power as well as good handling. And most have been succesful in Motorsports as well. The Soarer was thrown in for fun because you can get a V8 for low price(not all Jap cars are "4 bangers").

However there are some good cheap 4 cylinder cars elsewhere like the BMW E30.

posted by  fudge

I :ohcrap: give up. like whatzisname said, I have much 2 learn. :laughing:

posted by  Slapshot

Her's teh key...

STOP looking at where cars COME from, and trying to prove one or the other is "better."

Can't be done. YOu might find a $200 Scirocco that's quick, then teh trim falls off. I might find a $200 CRX that's quicker, but the belt needs changing. I could find a '78 Porsche 928 with slight body damage that's fastyer yet, but repairs might cost a ton. Or you might luck out, and they don't need anything. In all cases, it's INDIVIDUAL examples of cars that make the difference. AND what you yourself can do with them.

Check out the results of the Grassroots Motorsports Challenge sometime. the cars are all built for atround $2000 total, and the kinds of cars showing up and being fast span a WIDE range, from turbo Omnis to V8 RX7s, to funky British cars, to fast 300ZXs. At that price range, you're not going to find perfect cars from ANYONE, so what they did in stock form is completely irrelevant. I helped a buddy build a Honda CRX for the challenge that ran 14s in the quarter. And the whole car cost under $2000 total including all the mods.

Buy what you like, but don't try to prove to everyone else that they made "bad" choices by buying things you DON'T like.

And try to find something to like about every car.

posted by  ChrisV

How'd you like that 270hp? Did you drive a six speed?

posted by  thunderbird1100

I'll take a 1st gen GSX or TSi AWD over any of the cars mentioned so far

posted by  Oomba

That car is so good that they never made it to europe :orglaugh: .

posted by  fudge

The Cobalt SS and the Neon SRT-4 are technicallly imports with American badging. Ive said it once and Ill say it again : Not a big fan of imports. Ill take the roar of a V8 over the whinyness of a 4-banger any day.

posted by  SlipKnoT

There have been small 4 cyl american cars for a LONG time. they aren't "technically imports" any more than cars like the V8 Mercedes and BMWs are "technically domestics." The Cobalt and Neon are simply two of the newest. In teh old days, most small cars were RWD, so cars like teh Crosley competed with teh small austins, then cars like the orignal Chevy II and Tempest competed in that class. By the '70s it was Pintos, Vegas, Chevettes, etc. IN '80, domestic FWD compacts started arriving. But they were no real differnce in size and marketplace role than the Falcons and Valiants of the early '60s.

And as much as I love V8s (like the one I put in my RX7, or the big block drag cars I've had), there's a place for a light car with a light, high winding 4 cyl. Look at the traditional sports cars like in my sig...

posted by  ChrisV

This was my first thread i made, im so proud of it, so now im going 2 revive it!! ha ha. It was made when i was but a young grasshopper, i have learned mutch since then, now i am a big grasshopper! :mrgreen:

posted by  Slapshot

Haha, you may have come a long way since you started but you still got PLENTY to learn (we all do) :thumbs:

posted by  car_crazy89

The 270hp is a little overkill, its FWD, it doesnt need 270hp and 238lbs of torque. I own the 6-speed version, because of the LSD, I get torque steer everytime i accelerate very hard or accelerate on uneven or sandy ground. The wheel keeps on trying to jerk out of my hands. But passing the cocky little kids in their G35 sedans or BMW 3XX's can be quite full-filling. Take that you over-hyped VQ35 and overpriced BMW. :laughing:

posted by  aerith

Another in a long line of puerile threads.

How about you "13 yearolds" hold back on the keyboard waffle and spend the time to learn about mechanicals. Too much time parroting idiots from message boards who haven't got a clue, let alone ever picked up a ring spanner and applied it to a nut.

posted by  Wally

Jesus Wally, you really do speak giberish :laughing:

posted by  99integra

swallowed a dictionary? :mrgreen:

posted by  Wally

I believe you did :laughing:

posted by  SlipKnoT

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