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I know a guy who has a stock old school MR2 (84-89) just sitting around. I ask him to sell the car to me, is it a good investment or should I stay away from it?
Everything still works, just need new tires from the years sitting around.

I want it just to drive to work and for fun.

posted by  drifterv_2000

Go for it, afterall it's one of the cheapest mid engined production cars around. The Toyota 4age is worth having alone. May need some work to keep it reliable at that age but you'll learn a lot if you do it yourself.

I wonder if the 6 speed gearbox from a front wheel drive AE111 fits in?

posted by  fudge

Maybe I have to look closer at the condition of the car first. But the guy told me when he took it for a spin, man did it haul some serious butt. But the maintanence will be a pain.

posted by  drifterv_2000

Pain and death are the price to pay for fun but it's not too bad for the Mr-2, if the engine goes bang then I'm sure there's plenty of Corollas in the junkyard waiting to danate or you could get a 20V which includes 4 throttle bodies:hi:

posted by  fudge

the box wont connect from an AE111, mainly because the AW11 is a RWD, thus meaning it'll need a worked 4A-GE or 4A-GZE box.

if it's not a supercharged AW11 then don't get it, plain and simple, another words, way to tell is... ask the guy if it's a 4A-GE or a 4A-GZE, if it's a 4A-GZE then it's supercharged and it's worth buying..

Myself, personally, i was interested in buying one a few months back mainly because i have a friend who owned one with 210hp, worked internals along with raised boost and so forth..

the N/A (4A-GE) MR2 has better handling, they used better quality suspension and brakes in that model but the supercharged (4A-GZE) MR2 has better top speed, 1/4mi. times and acceleration.

take it for a drive and buy it on your own decision, i hope i've helped you a bit.

OH! and by the way, it has a cast iron block, thus making the rear EXTRA heavy.

posted by  HyundaGuy

The MR2s of old are much sought after...my bud is actually looking for one, but they are not too easy to find.

posted by  importluva

Or easy to repair, trying to get to the engine is piss on wheels :laughing:

posted by  99integra

nice definition of the word "hard" you got there steve, my mate's AW11 was never really that difficult to work on, although, finding a spare fuel pump for a 4A-GZE was quite difficult, racked up a good $20 on phone calls to companys and wreckers, lol.

in the end he got a 400hp trd fuel pump, costed a pretty penny but he's never regretted it.

MR2's are awsome car's, even the older underpowered ones, 145hp at the motor is fairly low.. although.. it can be increased to over 300hp (i've seen it in a few magazines and so forth), also, you can swap the 4A-GZE with a 3S-GTE from a newer SW20. i read a fast fours a few years ago which had one that had it done, i believe the plate's were "QIKAW".

anyway, what ever rocks your boat, if i was you, i'd be getting that MR2, BUT... only if it was a Supercharged one.

posted by  HyundaGuy

If you can get it for a fair price then go for it. I found alot of old mr2's overpriced now a days. However, not as much as rx 7's. You can thank Vin Diesel and Paul Walker for that crap. I'd buy a 1st gen talon or a laser. You can get really good deals on both. "Don't mind the leaking oil, its a DSM, that's what they do" -my dad

posted by  FestivaFrank

I know but the engine is mid mounted sideways and uses a transaxle. Same as an FF so I wonder if it does work.

posted by  fudge

I saw a 80s mr2 for sale for 600 bucks bout 2 months ago, only probably was it had bad engine knock, so would have to be replaced soon. But the body and stuff was in good condition.

posted by  Vlad

it doesn't, unfortunately.

my mate tryed to get an AE111 box for his 4A-GZE for his eight five levin but couldn't do it. Also, if you intend on TRYING to do something like this then i suggest you go real silly and get a FWD Loom. :)

just a great amount of shit advice.

posted by  HyundaGuy

sounds like a fun car :thumbs:

posted by  Boondock Saint

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