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i got and old toyota 70's model, and it has no power steering
im planning to convert it to power steering by getting the parts off another toyota that does, but does it matter on where the parts come off?
or are they all the same?
and the exhaust system, all of them here have to be custom made, soo...
i plan on getting some 4-2-1 headers
but for the rest im not sure, since its an old school car, i wanna keep it like that, i dont wanna put a huge can or anything cus it sucks. i had a friend with a huge can for his civic, and one morning when he fired up the engine, a kitten came flying out,
so its gonna be the old crome tipped exhaust(you know the small one)
but i wanna make it sound like an f1 race car(cus its cool) :mrgreen:
maybe if you put like a canister that you cant see unless you look under the car, but i dunno
pls help and thanks

posted by  machspeed

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